FFXIV: Mogtome BLUs

Posted on July 26, 2022 by Aywren

This is the first Moogle Treasure Trove event since the revamp of Praetorium just got underway yesterday. In the past, I’d handle these events by queuing up as White Mage for Prae, turning on Animal Crossing on my Switch and just no-braining it my way through the runs for 10 tomes each. However, this time around, Prae is hardly a no-brainer anymore. It’s not super hard by any means, but for only 7 tomes, I’m  not sure it’s worth the time and actual effort.

What did I do instead?

A couple of FC folks have talked up how fast and lucrative BLU runs were for past events. So, this time around, I volunteered my healing and Syn volunteered her tanking, and we took our two BLUs in for speed runs of Aurum Vale.

Yeah, that place.

While it was FAR from being a no-brainer, at 4 tomes a run, once we got the patterns down, it went by very fast. We could have done more, but we stopped at 50 tomes, everyone picking up the Lunar Kamuy mount! No doubt we’ll revisit this again this week and try to get some more done.

This time around, there’s only a few small things on the list that I really want. The Kamuy was one, as I’m getting close to finishing the wolf collection. I’ve never set my foot in one of the EX fights for those wolves – they’ve all been collected through Mogtome events.

Of the rest of the list, I’d like the Elvaan minion, maybe the Escape orchestrion and possibly a few of the Triple Triad cards I’m missing on my main. I might work on the Kamuy for Amon, but I’m not sure yet. I do still need to push him through more PVP before the season is over with.

The other rewards for this event were mostly pulled from the Firmament rewards. Being a diligent crafter, I’ve already earned most of those rewards back from the Firmament seasons, so there’s not a whole lot that I don’t have.

On top of that, our alliance last night took us to Orbonne, which is the only other run that gives the max of 7 tomes during the event. It’s not my favorite raid, but it went very smoothly. For alliances, I’m learning how to play Monk, and well… that’s another story completely!

Anyhow, Mogtomes have started off well so far! One mount down and a few other small things to pick up.

Are you participating in this event? Did you use Praetorium like I did in the past? If so, how are you approaching the event this time around?