Hello Blaugust 2022 – Meet Aywren!

Posted on August 1, 2022 by Aywren

Hey there to all Blaugust folks! I figure the best way to kick off this month is to start at the beginning. While some bloggers may already know me, others might not. So here’s a little bit about who I am and my blog history.

My net name is Aywren, often shorten to Wren by friends. I’ve been playing video games since the early 80s, MMOs since the late 90s, and blogging for far longer than this blog has existed. The earliest saved posts I have in the blog “museum” (a section I haven’t put together yet) was written back in 2008. But I know I was blogging before that – I just don’t have any saved content.

In fact, my first go at anything similar to a blog was back in the Live Journal days. That’s long gone, but it was the foundation of the blog you see today.

I’ve participated in Blaugust since back when the concept grew out of the Newbie Blogger Initiative, which dates back to about 2014 for me. I’m currently a mentor for Blaugust, and I strive to do 31 posts during the month.

An old NBI banner!

I’ve blogged on many different platforms including self-hosted Wordpress, WordPress.com, Tumblr and most recently, my own static HTML blog, which you see here. I am the crazy blogger who decided enough was enough this year and jumped ship from WordPress.com to hand-code my own blog site, including revamp the entire archive. This project is far from being complete, but I’m glad I made the move.

Many of the topics I have this year will be centered around the process of moving from a more automated PHP blog platform to an old-skool HTML site like I did. I don’t encourage anyone to follow in my footsteps, but the process is something I want to document in case someone happens to be interested in it!

That being said, I have plenty to talk about this month and I welcome your comments below!

If you want to follow my blog via RSS feed, you’ll likely have to manually enter it into your feed reader. I’ve heard tell that WordPress Reader is very confused about my domain and may not be picking up my posts, sadly.

RSS: https://aywren.com/feed.xml

I do post an excerpt of new posts on my WordPress account, too, though these posts just link back to the actual post on this site.

WordPress: https://aywren.wordpress.com/

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If you’re new to my blog, let’s connect! I’d love to see your content, too!