Blaugust 2022 – Habitica – Gamify your To-Do List!

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Aywren

I’ve been meaning to write about Habitica for many, many months now because I like it so much. In fact, it’s been on my Habitica to-do list. I figured what better time to finally draft that post than Blaugust when we could all use something to help with organization?

Habitica is a FREE website/mobile app that you can use to create lists of things you want to do and build better life habits through a multiplayer RPG game (you can also play totally solo if you prefer). As you check things off your list, your little pixel character gains experience in whatever class you’ve chosen for them.

You also gain gold as you finish objectives, and sometimes eggs, which hatch into pets. These pets you can feed to turn into mounts and… well… yeah. There’s lots of gear (cosmetic and stat-based) to buy with gold and plenty of incentive to keep your daily checklist going.

A sample of my habitca board

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can run several lists at once.

The first is a Habit list where you try to consistently finish things on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule to build better habits. You can be as strict or lax with these as you like.

The second is a daily To-Do list. Checking these off earns rewards but missing them knocks your HP down at the end of the day. Don’t worry, though, the game reminds you to check things off the next day if you just forgot to log in that night and do so.

This to-do list is pretty nice in that you can set things up to show only for certain days. For example, I need to take out the trash every Wednesday afternoon for pickup the next day. So I’ve set "Take out Trash" to show only on Wednesdays.

The last list is what I consider a Reminder or floating to-do list. This isn’t something you need to do every day, but things you want to remember to do sometime. You can put a date on these if you need to remember something is due on a specific day. You can also reorder them so the most important are at the top.

If you need to make one a checklist, you can do that – which is exactly how I made a list of all possible Blaugust topics I wanted to try to tackle this year.

I used to use sticky notes or the Google reminders, but I’ve moved to primarily using Habitica for all of my lists and needs now. I’ve used it for almost a year and I really, really like it.

If you need extra incentive to get things done, or want to have friends that keep you accountable, you can join a party and tackle quests together. I’ve only done these solo so far, so I don’t exactly know how parties work in general.

You can also join guilds if you want to be part of a larger group. There are public guilds that everyone is welcome to get involved with, and are a good launching point for people trying to find a party or meet others.

Again, I haven’t really connected or messed around with the multiplayer aspects, though I probably should. I am a level 99 mage now!

If you play Habitica and want to hook up, I’m always open to parties and learning about guilds/parties! You can find me here at @Aywren! (Must be logged in.)

If you decide to join Habitica, I hope to see you there. Friend me!