The Retro Gaming Shelf

Posted on September 28, 2022 by Aywren

Over the summer, I’ve had a lot of work done to my home. Namely, ripping up the 40-year-old carpet, putting down new wood for a base floor, and then installing laminate flooring. Thankfully, I found a really great small company that does this kind of work, and they’ve done an amazing job.

I just finally got the last of the rooms completed last week, which was my bedroom and the adjoining bath. This was a lot of work on my end because I had to haul all the stuff out of my room – oh boy, that closet! – and then reorganize it before figuring out how to put most of it back. I did do some tossing out and some shipping out to the shed as well.

One of the things I decided on doing once I saw the reorganized layout of the room was to put a second shelf in there. Dragging all the stuff out of the closet helped me rediscover a trove of retro gaming systems and the accommodating games/manuals.

I’ve been tweeting about this on and off, so none of this will come as a surprise to folks who follow my Twitter. But for those who don’t, I thought it would be nice to share this in a blog post, too.

I decided to dedicate this shelf to organizing my retro game collection. Sure, it’s a small one, but it holds a lot of memories from my childhood and teen years. I haven’t even been able to really go through it all to see what’s what.

I’ve got my games, my systems and my small amiibo collection, along with some random figures and plushies I’ve collected or was gifted over the years.

I have a collection of original Nintendo Power magazines – some dating back to the 1990s! It seems I was subscribed consistently from issue 34 on through issue 62-ish. I also have a handful of older magazines and strategy guides.

Add to that all kinds of the strategy guides that were popular during the Playstation days – mostly Prima guides, I do believe. I used to work at an EB during those days, so sometimes I was able to snag them when they went on discount.

Anyhow, it’s not the biggest or most impressive collection, but it’s mine. Some of those old SNES games took months upon months of saving money to buy back when I was a teen. So many memories are on that shelf!