FFXIV: Omicron Tribal Quests – A Non-Spoiler Review

Posted on November 15, 2022 by Aywren

So you finished Endwalker, right? Did you shed a tear or at least feel your heart strings pulled upon? Or maybe you were like me, where the doom and gloom of the trials of Ultma Thule plus the capstone of the story that played out in the Dead Ends level 80 dungeon just felt… like too much angst. Too much darkness that overshadowed the ending, even as successful as the Warrior of Light was.

What I was missing from the MSQ was the closure that the Omicron tribal quests provided. And without going into too many details, it is exactly what every person who has finished Endwalker needs to play.

In fact, I wish it had come sooner. Waiting until 6.2 to finish the stories that this questline completed was almost too long. But because so much time has passed – next month will be a year since Endwalker dropped, can you believe it – all of this came as a pleasant surprise.

Honestly, I think we’ll be seeing this kind of closure at work within Garlemald in the future, too. But that’s a post for another time.

What can I say about the Omicron tribal quests (they’re no longer “beast tribe quests,” mind you)? More than just dailies, everything about this series speaks of high quality and great writing. Right down to the quest acceptance and turn-in dialogue.

These are one of the strongest-written tribal quest series so far, and have quickly become my favorite. And if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’ve done them all and I do them for very long periods of time since I use them for leveling my jobs on main.

I love how these quests delve into the other side of Dynamis – how the right mindset can turn it into something of hope, healing and new futures instead of the death from raining meteors we’re so used to seeing. I do think that the writers have opened a Pandora’s Box on this, though, if they’re not careful. They’ve shown us that miracles can happen and that anything is possible in the rules of this new universe.

That’s a very powerful plot device, so I hope they take care not to fall back on it too much. Seeing it in action throughout theses quests was delightful and lovingly written, though. I have no complaints at all.

I also found it fascinating when the characters – who grew on me quickly – began to wax philosophical in a video game sort of way. It never got super deep, but it did touch on themes of meaning, the value of life (even life that is simulated), and the power of emotions.

There were several really great lines in some of those cutscenes that I’d love to quote, but you need to see them for yourself.

What’s required to play through this quest line?

  • Finished Endwalker (obviously)
  • Completed the level 80 Sigma Dreamscape dungeon
  • Level 80+ gatherer

Oh yes, I didn’t mention… these are GATHERING quests. Of all things.

I think that’s somewhat crummy because those who haven’t leveled a gatherer to 80 will be missing out on a part of the story that really, really needs to be told and digested. However, it’s honestly not that hard to level a gatherer to 80 now days. I’ll be writing a post about it next because I’m just that passionate that everyone needs to know what happens in the Omicron quest line.

Haven’t done it yet, but you’ve met the requirements? Love the MSQ?

Go do it. Not only do you get wonderful emotional closure, an exploration into the secrets of the FFXIV universe, and a trip through feel-good philosophy, but there’s a mount and other goodies that I won’t spoil if you take it all the way to Bloodsworn rank.

It’s only 5 minutes a day. So what are you waiting for?

Head out to that café at the end of the universe. They’re waiting.