FFXIV 6.3 Patch Notes Highlights

Posted on January 6, 2023 by Aywren

Patch 6.3 is on its way next week and here's the preliminary patch notes highlights from me. I'll be skipping the normal things, such as MSQ, raids, trials, etc - we know those are probably going to be gold anyhow. These are just the items that really jumped out at me as exciting - I'm a sucker for QOL updates, so know those will likely go to the top!


Wards 25 through 30 have been added to all residential districts.

Six wards with corresponding subdivisions have been added to all districts, for a total of twelve new wards available per district. Plots in all new wards are available for purchase via the lottery system. Apartments have also been added to all wards.

New wards are MUCH needed!

Furnishings from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest have been added.

New furnishings have been added.

These look quite nice this time!

New prizes are available for purchase using MGP.

The Blackjack! Yeaaaah! I need to start doing the fashion report again, it seems.

The following additions and adjustments have been made to the Island Sanctuary...

Some really great things have been added to Island Sanctuary this time around - it's super exciting to me. But the most important is this one:

An option to collect items en masse from the produce producer and the creature comforter has been added.

New hairstyle options have been added for Viera.

New hairstyle options have been added for Hrothgar.

Always good to see bunnies and cats get new hair. And no hiding ears this time!

New minions have been added.

This one is a total cutie! Hope he’s not too difficult to get because I’d love to have one.

Is is now possible to converse with NPCs, craft, or engage in other activities while using a fashion accessory.
* Accessories will not be displayed during certain activities, but will automatically be displayed once more upon the completing the activity.

YES! Thank you!


Players can now speak with Anden to complete custom deliveries.

Really curious what story the new custom deliveries will have for us. It's certainly an unusual situation and NPC, so we'll have to see!

Players can now dive in upper La Noscea.

A little thing, but opening up the old areas of the world in these ways is really nice.

Additional information has been added to journal entries for Crystalline Mean and Studium delivery quests.

Quests requiring the procurement of fish now display fishing locations and the bait required. Furthermore, quests requiring collectables now indicate the necessary collectability rating.

This is certainly useful! Glad fishing is getting more attention in situations like this.

New items are available in exchange for bicolor gemstones from Gemstone Trader NPCs in certain areas.

I really need to work on my FATE farming. Maybe something here will help inpsire me to do so!

The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon has been added.

While I haven't run maps in a long while, I do dig up maps to sell each day. Hopefully having a new, rarer map will help bolster the map economy, because it's been all sorts of weird since 6.0 dropped.

The following additions and adjustments have been made to subaquatic voyages:

New areas have been added.
New items have been added.
Maximum submersible rank has been increased from 100 to 105.

These ships just don't stop coming! I'm always surprised when they add something new to the subs.

Duty Support has been added for the following duties:


  • The Great Gubal Library
  • The Aetherochemical Research Facility
  • The Antitower
  • Sohr Khai
  • Xelphatol
  • Baelsar's Wall

I think that’s that when it comes to finishing up all the dungeons in Heavensward in terms of adding duty support to them. Nice work!

New poses have been added for the Sit emote.

I won't turn down new /sit poses!

Umbrella-style accessories can now be used automatically depending on location and weather conditions.
Set a preferred umbrella for automatic use via the "Enable Auto-umbrella" subcommand in the Fashion Accessories window.

I think this is a neat idea – allowing an umbrella to open automatically when it rains!

"Cast glamour." and "Dye items." options have been added to the retainer menu.

This is very nice! I’ll probably put it to use as I do have retainers whom I’d like to glam, but don’t feel like pulling off every piece of gear to glam it. This should be a nice help.

New dungeons are available for Explorer Mode.

These are pretty much just ARR dungeons, but it’s always nice to see Explorer Mode expand!

"Return to Home World" has been added to the subcommand menu for the Character Selection screen.

This command returns a character currently visiting another World via the World Visit or Data Center Travel System to their Home World without the need to log in.

This is pretty nice – I don’t do a lot of data center travelling, so I didn’t realize it wasn’t already this way, I suppose.


The Chronicles of a New Era quests "But I Hardly Noah" and "The Gift of the Archmagus" will no longer be available.

Sad days to see old quests removed, but I understand that no one needs or uses this anymore. This NPC will be getting a new purpose, as well.

Party members' instant portraits will now display at the start of the following duties:

  • Dungeons
  • Guildhests
  • Trials
  • Raid Dungeons
  • Alliance Raid Dungeons
  • Deep Dungeons
  • Variant & Criterion Dungeons

I’m… not really sure how I feel about this. There’s sometimes I just want to meld into the background in these dungeons, so having my portrait up and center makes me a little anxious. I might not be the only one who feels this way?


New mounts have been added.

Sorry, but this mount is a pass for me – probably the first time I’ve really felt that way about a mount. I’ll still get it, and maybe the quests will endear me to it on down the line, but at this point, I’m just asking WHY? I know Loporrits are over the top, but still.

When using the Data Center Travel system, if you are still in another data center after 30 days, you will automatically be returned to your Home World the next time you log in.

This is kinda a bummer. I liked making another server on another Data Center my home for certain characters.

That's A Wrap!

Those are my takeaways from this patch overall. There were a few QOL having to do with the UI that I wasn’t quite sure of yet – they will be things I probably need to see to understand what they impact first. Overall, some nice things, some good fluff, and lots to look forward to!

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