Announcing the Mix Tape Archives

Posted on February 23, 2023 by Aywren

Just a short post to introduce a new section I’ve been building on my site – the Mix Tape Archives!

I’ve been helping my Mom sort and clean out her house lately, and part of that has been me taking some old boxes of my own belongings that have sat there since I moved out years ago. In one of those boxes, I discovered this:

Here were all of my old cassette tapes dating back to my teen years. Some were legit band tapes, some were tapes other folks sent me, but there were also a handful of my own mix tapes, often random music recorded off of the radio. Back then, I would just turn the radio on – often during the Weekly Top 40 – and record any song I liked in whatever order.

I know some of those tapes were eaten over the years, but some have survived.

I picked up a little cheap “Walkman” type player and a Bluetooth transmitter so that I could play my tapes to a Bluetooth speaker that I own. While the quality of this music isn’t great (it wasn’t great back in the day either), it functions for what I want it to do.

I thought it would be neat to find a way to share the playlist of some of these old tapes here on my site. So, using a nice javascript player, I’ve begun building pages where you can directly listen to tunes on my mix tapes. So far, I just have the first tape, which is simply named “No. 1”, but I hope to add more if people enjoy this.

You can find this tucked into the FUN section of this site! I hope you enjoy!

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