Applesoft BASIC – Coding Like it's 1985!

Posted on March 6, 2023 by Aywren

Not too long ago, I was digging through some old folders I’d stashed in my closet when I ran across one particular folder that held odds-n-ends from my grade school years. I’m weird in that I held on to a choice number of items throughout the different stages of school I attended.

One of the things I discovered in this box was dot-matrix print-outs of old Applesoft BASIC code that were passed out in one of my earliest computer classes. I’d say this was about 4th-5th grade, and we were working on old Apple IIe machines, since that was the standards for schools back then.

These codes were meant to execute small graphic designs when compiled correctly. This was the kind of coding they taught kids back in the 1980s, and was my first real coding experience – maybe one of the first things I ever did on a PC, aside from something like playing Oregon Trail or Odell Lake.

I was pretty excited to rediscover these sheets, so I’ve scanned them in to share them here with you. If you want, you can try them out on the Apple JS emulator! Here's some instructions for it - be sure to press the Reset key on the emulator to get to a typing prompt!

Just click the images below to pop up the sheets in a larger resolution.

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