Sims 4: Growing Together Expansion Releases

Posted on March 17, 2023 by Aywren

Yesterday, the newest expansion pack for Sims 4, titled Growing Together, released. While there was a lot of hype around it due to the fact that this was a lot of stuff family players wanted, I didn’t pre-order and waited to see what people said about the pack on release.

A number of things with this expansion seem to be under the hood, though there were things – like infants and a new world – that are more tangible.

Some major features of this pack are:

  • The infant life stage
  • New world of San Sequoia
  • Life milestones
  • Expanded family interactions
  • Expanded social dynamics (through likes and dislikes)

See more information about it here.

I play Sims to make stories based on personality and interactions, so adding more complexity to these things are a big deal to me. I did end up picking up the pack last night, needless to say. I didn’t get to play with it a whole lot, aside from assigning some likes and dislikes.

I did get this one pop-up option from a family, which kinda showcases how likes, preferences and interactions between family members can build a dynamic.

Bad to Good Challenge

I didn’t want to write this post only to talk about an expansion release, however. I also wanted to document my newest project with my sims – undertaking a “Bad to Good” legacy challenge.

Sometime last year, I was browsing the upload library for Sims 4, looking at other people’s creations. That’s when I stumbled upon this guy:

BlUrBuBeTtE HSFDGHSv – basically, someone just facerolled the keyboard to give him a name. Poor guy.

While the green skin (fitting for St. Patrick’s Day today) caught my eye, so did the name of the family – Bad to Good. I knew what this was. It’s a legacy challenge where you start out with a Sim who has undesirable traits and genetics, and try to improve these things over the generations to come.

I had already downloaded him, and moved him into quite a nice spot in Sulani.

Not a bad place to start a legacy at all!

Anyhow, I’d forgotten I even had this game until I was poking around to find a family to experiment with the new pack. When I loaded in, BlUrBuBeTtE was already married to…

Dina Caliente!

Oops! I’d just romanced him with the first Sim that had any interest in him. I didn’t realize at the time that he’d married a lore-famous Sim from the series. I’ve since watched videos on Sims 2 lore, and when I saw her name, it rang a bell.

Oh well.

And from this pair, they’ve already had a daughter, which was RNG named Christin HSFDGHSv.

She inherited her father’s skin colors, but it’s hard to tell beyond that how much more until she gets older.

While I’m not going to write out a story for this family like I have in the past, I’m certainly interested to see how this will play out, and will keep updates here as I have time!

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