Sims 4 – Green to Queen (Bad to Good Challenge)

Posted on March 20, 2023 by Aywren

In my previous post I wrote about how I had picked up the newest Sims 4 expansion (which I’ve really enjoyed) and that I’d rediscovered my Bad to Good Challenge family to explore it. Overall, the addition of family dynamics, Sim long-term fears, milestones, likes and dislikes interacting – all of that has made for a little deeper Sim interaction.

But let me talk about Christin.

She’s the daughter of BlUrBuBeTtE HSFDGHSv (the Sim I downloaded to start the challenge), and the first generation of this legacy. Despite the green skin, she turned out to be a cutie as a kid (she doesn’t keep the ears, though)!

She has a real upbeat personality, and is quite the charmer. But… as Simmers know, the child version of the Sim does not always reflect how the Sim will look in the older stages. You have to wait until at least teen to see that.

And her teen stage wasn’t as kind to her.

Thankfully, she seems to have inherited most of her mother’s facial shape. But when it comes to body shape, I didn’t know if this was genetics from her father or if some working out could help her get in shape. I decided I’d give it a try, though.

The very day she aged up to teen, however, the call to Prom came about. I guess they have Proms every weekend in the Sims world (?). I decided to let her go… and that’s when she met… Jeb.

She (and I) both knew from the moment we saw him that there was something… different… about Jeb. They danced, they had good chemistry, and Jeb remarked how Christin made him feel so much better just by spending time with him.

That was super sweet.

Before the night was over, they’d hit it off big. And he asked to… move in with her family? I guess that’s a thing teens can do now in Sims4?

Since I was intent on hooking these two up in the future, I said yes, and Jeb moved in. Turns out he’s a gloomy sim, so he’s not always easy to get along with. But I’m going to tell you, he’s quite a good looking fellow under that bag – maybe when he ages up to young adult, he’ll take it off.

I accidentally interrupted a shower in the gym to get this shot.

BTW, this is Jeb when he’s feeling flirty. Gotta love how the bag’s face changes to his emotion.

Anyhow, I was then tasked with taking care of the two teens and the rest of the family, which could be hectic sometimes. Overall, Jeb and Christin are doing well in school. Their relationship is blossoming, and they are going steady now.

In all this time, Christin has been working out hard, and has even come to enjoy fitness!

The final week of their teenage stage, I let them go to the prom together. I was so intent on doing things during the event (which isn’t anywhere long enough, IMHO, to get a good score), that I was taken aback when Christin won Prom Royalty (basically, Prom Queen)!

Holy cow! My little green girl is Prom Queen! I’d never have imagined it! Good on you, Christin!

She’s also a music lover and aspires to become a musician one day. Look out world! She might just become a green celebrity!

She’s certainly come a long way, and is a fantastic first step into the Bad to Good Challenge!

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