April 2023 Gaming Goals

Posted on April 1, 2023 by Aywren

I’m going to try another pass at gaming goals this month. Last month, I got a lot done, but I also felt a little pressured by the goals I set. That could also have something to do with working through crafting beast tribe quests on several characters, too, which is going to be completed this weekend.

So let’s see where this goes!



  • Zuri Endwalker Progress ✓
  • Tad Fishing Quests ✓
  • Level Tad's Culinarian ✓
  • Tataru Quests ✓
  • Ben's Splendorous Tools ✓
  • Ben's Skybuilders' Pickaxe ✓
  • Amon's Resplendent Hatchet ✓

There’s a bunch of crafting and gathering goals here, but the most ambitious one is to get Zuri moving into Endwalker finally. I’d love to get that completed, at least the 6.0 content, before patch 6.4, but I won’t push it.


Zelda: BOTW

  • Restart BotW

With the new Zelda game coming out, I’d like to restart my BOTW game on a different profile just to re-work through the tutorial and see if I can pick up my old game, which I left in mid-play. I’m just not sure how much time I’ll have to do that, though.

Game Pass Games

  • Play Weekly Game Pass Game ✓

Like the last couple months, I’d like to play Game Pass games a little each week. It might not be a new game each week, but just put some time into them so that I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of my subscription there.

And I feel like that’s more than enough, to be honest. It might be asking too much, in fact. We’ll have to see how this month works out.

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