FFXIV: Live Letter LXXVI Highlights

Posted on April 3, 2023 by Aywren

Since the servers are down for extended maintenance today in order to upgrade hardware (I won’t complain), I decided to take a look at some highlights from Friday’s Live Letter. There’s a number of things we’ll be seeing in patch 6.4 that are very exciting for me!

You can find a full summary here.

Golbez Trial

First and foremost, it’s confirmed we’re getting Golbez as a trial fight in the MSQ – as if we didn’t know that already. Being a huge FFIV fan from my early teenage years, and Golbez being a favorite character of mine, this is certainly something I’ve hoped for.

Now, I’m not a big fan of seeing forced trials in our MSQ every patch. I’d really prefer them to be optional. But in this case, the story almost requires them, and the fact that they’ve all been FFIV themed has made it an easier pill to swallow.

I do somewhat hope they don’t continue with this trend after the 6.0 story arc. As many alts as I run through the MSQ, the trials are the one pain since they can’t be cleared with Trusts.

Frontlines Adjustments

I’m a little concerned about them changing up Shatter since that’s my favorite mode of Frontlines. BUT. Removing Secure (even temporarily) is fantastic. I’ve been skipping Secure days because I’m so fed up with the back and forth, back and forth playstyle.

Add to that the Monk Cheese – where they just camp the top of the platform and insta-kill other players by knocking them to their death – and I straight up refused to play it. There’s nothing about Monk Cheese that’s fun or fair.

I will not miss Secure.

Island Sanctuary

This is the HUGE one for many people. Island Sanctuary finally allows you to place up to 90 outdoors furniture pieces!

This seems to be something you have to unlock, which I find absolutely fine. Give me more to do on my Island, especially for outdoor decoration slots, and I will do it!

Not only that, but the Island is getting the promised expansion – though we don’t exactly know what that means yet. We do know there will be more plots, more creatures, more items to gather – that sort of thing.

Really, making the island a step closer to personal housing, and allowing players to customize it, is a big deal – especially since housing remains scarce on more populated servers. I know that for some it’s not exactly the same as owning a house. But maybe if the team can pull off the outdoor decorations, we’ll see this continue to expand into something more(?)

I’m happy with it, though.

Other Highlights of Interest

  • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor is heading to Werlyt – or at least requires Werlyt. I’m very curious!
  • Tomestones of Comedy. ‘Nuff said.
  • Gear sets increased to a maximum of 100. This is good news.
  • New Ocean Fishing for Kugane!
  • Fashion items will continue to display during battle in the overworld. Seems like they’re slowly building out this feature in a way in needs to be.
  • New Variant Dungeon!
  • Blue Mage level cap going to 80!
  • Duty support adding Stormblood MSQ dungeons… slowly getting there!

That’s just part one of the info we’ll be getting about patch 6.4 – coming sometime late May. Good stuff, and a lot to look forward to!

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