No Man’s Sky – Building the Allag Lounge

Posted on April 11, 2023 by Aywren

In my previous post, I talked about how the Utopia Expedition save became a project of sorts for Syn and I as of late. We both have what we consider a “main” save, and usually don’t pay much mind to the saves we roll up for expeditions beyond just finishing those story quests.

This time, it was different. Though I haven’t undertaken any of the main quest lines with this save, this might be the most advanced I’ve gotten in terms of things I’ve unlocked, things I’ve learned and things I’ve built in No Man’s Sky.

Finding the Perfect Planet

Syn and I spent some time learning how to find paradise planets. While it’s not an absolutely certain thing, there are systems that are more likely to host these sought after planets. This video talks about it if you’d like to know:

I mentioned how we lucked out in discovering a system with two paradise planets. The one we chose as our home world had no storms, no sentinels (until the last patch), and lovely bubbles all over the surface.  It also had curious deposits which helped me obtain my goal of upgrading my ship to an S class.

Building the Lounge

Upon discovering it, I found the first landmark I could and dropped a base on it as a starter location. Little did I realize that there were actually two landmarks over the span of the base with a slight hill between them.

At first, I wasn’t going to build on that spot, and had gone out searching for other prospects. But once I realized this base had two landmarks, which is rare as far as I know for one base, I decided to put my focus there.

I began by building a boardwalk path between the two landmarks to link them visually. While I’d planned to build around the landmarks to begin with, I noticed that the boardwalk over the hillside had a nice view of a bubble field underneath it. I thought that it might be nice to have a glass wall/floor structure as a mid-way stop over point overlooking this field.

That’s how the Allag Lounge began.

This has become a work in progress as I earn new Quicksilver decoration rewards from the weekend community projects at the Anomaly. I especially love things like the fish tank, the bubble pipes and the fancy neon lighting.

This is the first time I’ve paid attention to the community project – which encourages everyone to take part in the missions at the Anomaly. Not only do the major quests pay off well in terms of Quicksilver, but the entire community can rank up and reach rewards that become available for purchase with Quicksilver over time.

The current mission rewards a series of cool neon lights which I’ve been putting to use in the lounge.

I’ve also began to experiment with the ByteBeat device, which allows you to add retro style music to a base location. The game offers some default songs, and more songs that can be purchased using Quicksilver (as I did this weekend). However, if you’re good at orchestrating, you can make your own songs, too!

This past weekend, I learned how to set up a lighted floor to sync with the rhythm of the ByteBeat device, making a lighted flashing dance floor! Here's a short video I captured of it:

That inspired me to rework half the lounge yet again. I can see that it’s going to be one of those projects – and I don’t mind one bit!

When the World Changes

Everything was perfect on Planet Syrcus… until it was not. The newest NMS April release – Interceptor – did… something to our home world.

While it didn’t mess up the paradise planet – we still have our nice bubbles and all – instead of Sentinels being “none,” it’s now changed to “low security.”

This means that somehow, during this sentinel-based patch, they’ve added them to our planet when they’d never been there before (aside from random pillars – which never made sense). They still don’t bother us, and we don’t see them unless we rile them up, so it’s not a big deal.

Second, and more alarming, we had a change in resources. All of our curious deposits turned into metal fingers which are… far less useful in terms of farming nanites. In fact, they’re not useful at all. So, I was a little sad to see that our home world resources got heavily nerfed for no reason I could see.

Our world also now has Gravitino Balls, which it never had before. In fact, I have some right next to the ramp of the lounge.

These are fine as they’re worth a good bit of units in the proper system. But they’re a pain to get if you turn on Sentinels in the difficulty settings as you’ll always be attacked.

I scoured the home planet and the other planets and moons of our system, and had no luck in finding any more curious deposits. From talking to other players, this update wasn’t supposed to change things that drastically on established planets, even though it did add a new corrupted planet type.

I knew that I’d have to go out searching for another curious deposit farm – which is what I did – but I didn’t know that it would lead us directly into the content for the newest patch! I’ll talk about that next time!

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