No Man’s Sky: Earning the Sentinel Ship

Posted on April 12, 2023 by Aywren

The newest content drop for No Man’s Sky is the Interceptor update which added new content such as Sentinel weapons, Sentinel jetpack skin and the coveted Sentinel ship. To start this content, you have to discover a planet on which corrupted Sentinels exist.

Rolling back to my previous post, I talked about how this update changed the face of our homeworld planet somewhat and took away our curious deposits and nanite farms. I wasn’t going to take this lying down – I decided to search for a new source of curious deposits!

The Hunt for Curious Deposits

So, I spent some time popping into the Anomaly, checking out bases of the other players who showed up. Seems that (and I could be wrong about how this worked) whenever a player loads into the Anomaly, you can see one or more of their bases at the portal. Most of the time, you can warp to these bases (sometimes I got a download error).

I spent some time visiting other worlds and bases this past weekend, searching the planets for curiosities. Mostly, curious deposits.

Finally, after an hour or so of hopping around, I saw it. A base called “Nanite Farm.”

I warped into it successfully and found, yes! Curious deposits!

Interestingly enough, when I warped to this planet, it told me that I was its first contact. I’m not sure how that can be due to the fact someone else had already been there and built their base. But there wasn’t anything I could do – No Man’s Sky gave me the discovery and the system belonged to me.

I didn’t want to farm out someone else’s base, so I shot off into space, and returned to the planet a good distance away. My intention was to build a founding base so I could put down a Nomad and start exploring. I discovered a downed freighter, set up base, and did just that.

However, it wasn’t but a short distance away that I discovered what I was looking for – a good sized pile of Curious Deposits! I got to work establishing a new farming base with much gusto. We had our nanites again – and it was a good thing, too!

Corrupted World

One thing I immediately noticed about the world were the giant purple crystals that were practically everywhere. I recognized them as the corruption that was said to be overtaking the sentinels. However, this planet wasn’t listed as a corrupted sentinel world, so I found it unusual.

I’m also not sure if since this world was altered to become a corrupted world, if that’s why it said I was the first contact. Maybe this update reset the system somehow?

I don’t know. Either way, luck was with us because this planet apparently counted for having the corruption needed to start the exploration for a Sentinel ship. We used this guide to get us going – obviously, we could skip the searching and locating part since we already hand a planet for this!

This took longer than it really should have simply due to the fact that hunting down a Dissonance Resonator that actually dropped the Echo Locator was the catch. We found plenty of resonators, they just kept wanting to drop Inverted Mirror instead. Once we both got the Echo Locator, it was time to found our ship!

Now, from what I’ve heard in the guides, all sentinel ships in a system will be the same type (will look the same) and have the same class. I’m not sure if this is per player, but this is not exactly what we experienced when we did it.

We both got a ship that looked the same. However, Syn’s was a C class and mine was an A class. We didn’t test what would happen if Syn went to the A class ship – maybe all of hers were C classes for some reason? But that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Anyroad, I ended up with a decent looking A class Sentinel ship, and I’m quite happy with it – definitely has better fighter stats than my Allag ship. Now that we have a curious deposit farm again, I can easily upgrade it to an S class ship, too!

So there you have it, our latest adventures in No Man’s Sky up until now. We’re still logging in for those weekend quicksilver missions and hoping to see the community mission reach 100% of the third leg. I do want that black hole wall decoration for my lounge!

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