FFXIV: Bunny Project Update

Posted on April 13, 2023 by Aywren

Last month, I decided to repurpose my Viera character in FFXIV to be a me-character. I renamed her to use my net name and started working on odds n ends to get her into a proper playing state. One of my major goals with her was to work on leveling her gatherers.

This is because up until a few weeks back, I would gather treasure maps daily on most of my characters to sell them. This was actually my main form of gil income across my account – all it used to take was a few minutes a day, focused on just logging in, gathering a map, and tossing it up to sell. I’ll talk about why it “used to” in a moment.

But back to the bunny for now!

Yesterday, I finally finished leveling both her botanist and miner to level 71, which was my final goal. Right now, she’s still in early Shadowbringers in terms of MSQ, so pushing her beyond this using daily grand company turn ins is not going to happen for much longer anyhow.

The other reason for pausing at level 71 gatherers is that the market for higher level maps has taken a terrible dive lately. Lower level maps have been worth more – though even these are struggling to bring in the gil they used to.

In fact, I’ve been leveling up specific crafting jobs instead so that I can focus on making money through daily Endwalker crafting leves. It’s going to be a while before I work on that for my bunny, though. She needs to push through MSQ first!

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