April 2023 Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Aywren

I felt like I accomplished quite a bit this month, even if I didn’t get around to doing everything I wanted. In fact, I went above and beyond some of my goals in FFXIV, just to clear out some quests and finish up the unfinished.

What did I get around to this month?


  • Zuri Endwalker Progress ✓
  • Tad Fishing Quests ✓
  • Level Tad's Culinarian ✓
  • Tataru Quests ✓
  • Ben's Splendorous Tools ✓
  • Ben's Skybuilders' Pickaxe ✓
  • Amon's Resplendent Hatchet ✓

I did make progress on Zuri’s Endwalker adventures – she’s on the moon now, so I’m past the initial few zones that tend to cause me issues in getting started. I still hope I can push her to the end of 6.0 before the next major patch, but we’ll have to see.

Tad had a lot going on! I finished all his fishing quests and got him to level 90 Culinarian, just as I hoped! He’s now crafting leves with my other crafters.

On a side note, not listed here, I also got Tai to level 90 Culinarian for the same reason – turning in leves.

Ben has been quite the busy one this month. I finished the Tataru quests for him, which netted him some new cosmetics (seen above). I also finished his Skybuilders’ Pickaxe, as well as his Crystalline Saw (Splendorous tool).

But on top of all that, I finished both his Resplendent Hatchet and Pickaxe, which weren’t on the list at all! I figured he was pretty close to both, so I may as well just get it done!

Amon was the one I actually had listed to finish the Resplendent Hatchet, and I got that done as well. So, quite a bit was done in the realms of Eorzea this month!

Zelda: BOTW

  • Restart BotW

I did not touch this at all. In fact, I don’t know that I picked up my Switch very much this whole month, sadly. That’s even after picking up a couple of new games on the system (which I’ll write about later).

I do hope to turn this around – maybe not for BotW – but I’ve asked for the new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster set for my birthday next month. I’d really, really like to go through the old skool FF games just to do it once in my life. There’s several I’ve never touched aside from old ROMs long ago.

Game Pass Games

  • Play Weekly Game Pass Game ✓

I did this, and I wrote all about it in my previous post. I also noted that next month, my Game Pass exploration is likely to be focused on finishing Coffee Talk 2, as it’s a game I’ve actually anticipated playing.

So, I’ll be shifting my focus to picking up games in the Steam backlog next month instead. Yep, I’m already thinking about what May will bring, and already have a list jotted down!

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