June 2023 Gaming Goals

Posted on June 1, 2023 by Aywren

I’m feeling like planning a lighter month since I played FFXIV in particular quite a bit last month. I still have a number of FFXIV goals in mind, but I’d like to spread my time to other games and systems if I can.


Since I’ve made it through 6.4 on most of my alts already, I just have a few casual goals I’d like to chip away at this month for FFXIV.

  • Ben – move through Shadowbrings MSQ ✓
  • Zuri – gear up and continue through Endwalker MSQ ✓
  • Wrenbun – continue to craft and rebuild gil stash ✓
  • PvP Series progress ✓

And… that’s really it. I don’t want to define these goals too much. I just want to nudge my way through MSQ on these alts when I feel up to it. Zuri needs some major gear upgrades to get there, but I want to spend the early part of 6.4 crafting for gil to recoup the cost of what I spent to get my Wrenbun where she had to be to craft. So far, I’ve been doing well with that!

Game Pass

I still go back and forth on whether to keep Game Pass – not because I don’t like it and appreciate it. But mostly because I feel like it’s my Steam backlog that needs attention. However, there is one game I want to finish before I decide whether to take a break.

  • Finish Coffee Talk 2 ✓

I’m enjoying it and I really want to complete it! It’s a short game, so it shouldn’t take me all that long.

Nintendo Switch

I don’t want to forget about the Switch! I’m in mid game for a number of titles here, as well! I’d like to make progress on:

  • Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster ✓
  • Harvestella
  • Story of Seasons

If I could finish FF1 in particular, I’d be a happy camper!


I’ve been feeling the pressure from my Steam backlog again. That’s mostly my fault for picking up bundles I didn’t need this year – it’s got my backlog progress all out of sorts. I wanted to try out a number of games last month but I didn’t. I think I need to be more specific with my goals this time around.


Games to progress through:

  • The Oregon Trail
  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Layers of Fear

Backlog games to try (as many as I can, no gaming limits):

  • I am Fish
  • TGV Voyages Train Simulator
  • Teacup
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island
  • The Wild Eight
  • Lake
  • Imposter Factory
  • Calico

Many of the above games are fairly short to complete, so I’m hoping to focus on a number of them this month to get my backlog in better shape!

What about you? Any goals for this month?

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