Breyer Introduction – Walter Farley’s Black Stallion #401

Posted on July 7, 2023 by Aywren

Last month, I told the story of how I saw a model of the Black Stallion when I was a teen, and that experience stuck with me, encouraging me to begin collection Breyer horses now that I’m older. However, I only expected to collect one Black Stallion.

Little did I know there’s actually four different models out there that have been released over the years. That made for some confusing Ebay shopping at first, until I sorted the situation by researching on Identify Your Breyer.

I was content with the first model of the Black that I got, but I was curious about the others. You can tell from the picture above, this is a much older mold of horse – in fact, it was released from 1981-1988.

While it was no where as fancy as the Sham version I already had, what caught my attention at this particular auction were two things:

  • It had the original box
  • It was said to be from an estate sale

The auction listing noted: Estate dispersal. From the collection of Doris Delizia and Rebecca Kahl.

I'm not sure if this is true, but in searching these names, it appears these ladies were well known collectors in the Breyer community. I'll treat this model as if it came from this treasured collection. I think it may be plausible because both the model and the box were in very good condition for their age!

It’s also a good reminder that there are people and stories behind the older horses such as these. The very interesting things you learn about when picking up new hobbies that have a history.

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