Heading to Breyerfest 2023 (Online)

Posted on July 13, 2023 by Aywren

Earlier this year, I decided to get into collecting Breyer horses as a hobby. I’m still learning about the culture around the community that collects these horses. One thing I did discover is that every July, they come together for something known as Breyerfest.

Similar to gaming Fan Fests, this is an event that takes place in person and also online (which started during COVID). It’s primarily based at the Kentucky Horse Park, and I’m sure much of the charm is getting together IRL with other model fans, browsing the swap meets, seeing the horses IRL, shopping for the limited run models and seeing the live shows.

But as I’m a total noob to all of this, attending online – which also got me a LE celebration model horse for the price of the ticket – is fine for me. I had no plans to go to Kentucky in the middle of July, for one, especially after I just had to pay out for an expensive AC replacement. Not to mention, actual FFXIV FanFest is a few weeks after (though I’m only attending that online, too).

I almost didn’t opt to attend this year’s Breyerfest. However, I thought it would be a shame that my very first year learning about the hobby I wouldn’t at least try out the big event. Especially since I got into the hobby right during the window of time that tickets for this event were still on sale… and I basically got a “free” celebration horse for the price of entry.

I have no idea exactly what to expect from online Breyerfest. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when the event starts, though! I’ll report back about what there is all to see… and if I made any special purchases during the event!

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