MMO Daily Rewards – Why Do I Still Log In?

Posted on August 6, 2023 by Aywren

We all know the drill. So many games offer daily login rewards – some showering you with more buffs and bits and pieces than you have inventory space for or will ever use.

It’s been a common way to drive a daily log in for players especially with newer games. But even older games, such as LOTRO and DDO, offer rewards just for logging in each day.

In the case of some games, this can actually be useful. For example, consistently logging in for years was the only way I earned my first three dream horses in BDO. Every day, I could pick an awakening shell or fruit using the daily loyalty tokens. On top of that, I could sometimes earn courser training boxes that dumped a bunch of awakening materials in my bags.

Yes, it took me over two years to awaken two dream horses. Yes, that means that for nearly two years, I logged in almost every day. There were some days when I could not log in, of course. But for days when I was home, I made every effort to spend about five minutes each day logging in to BDO snagging these rewards.

Now that I have all the dream horses I could ever want, you’d think I’d quit logging in. There’s nothing else at this point I really need, to be completely honest. I’ve obtained my goals.

I even told myself – once you’ve earned the dream horse, you don’t have to log in every day.

But what do I do?

Log in every day. I have no idea why.

Previously desired courser awakening items are now just piling up in my inventory untouched. I gather daily loyalty points but I don’t spend them. I just log in to claim and log out again.

Maybe in the back of my head, I think… in the future I might decide to come back and work on another goal in the game. Maybe one day I’ll decide to shoot for a Doom dream horse, for example. As that’s the only dream horse I don’t have. It’s also the only dream horse I really wasn’t that keen on getting.

But then, BDO has given away one dream horse. What’s to say they won’t give away another in the future?

BDO is not the only game I log in just to claim dailies. I also hop into LOTRO for a few minutes each day to pick up a silver box – and then one weekly gold box. I’m amassing supplies for legendaries, buffs and all sorts of things - things I don’t even know what they do. Yet, I still log in and pick them up.

Maybe one day, I’ll return LOTRO for a longer play time and I’ll be glad I have all this stuff… even if I don’t understand what its used for right now. Who knows, right?

I do understand that this is what dailies are designed to do. Someone hopes that by dangling small rewards in front of you, you will log in, and that might lead to actually engaging with the game (and spending money in it somehow).

Only, that tends not to be the case for me. I just… pile up a bunch of stuff that I don’t have the energy to sort through or try to figure out what it’s used for.

Honestly, it’s not hurting anything. I just don’t completely understand why I’m still drawn to continue to log in when I don’t have intentions to play right now. Maybe it’s just a comfortable habit. Maybe it’s something I should just drop.

What about you? Are there games that have in the past or currently hooked you with daily rewards?

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