FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2023 - Return of the Rangers

Posted on August 20, 2023 by Aywren

The summer festival – Moonfire Faire – is running strong until August 26. This year’s reward is a full Power Rangers I uh mean… Pheonix Riser glamour set. 

We’ve had this thread throughout the years that links Moonfire Faire to Power Rangers/Kamen Rider type stories. Back in 2016, we got a whole set of Ranger type emotes, which still makes a great dab option.

Last year, we saw the return of the jump puzzle tower, which was the big feature they added in 2018. With the advent of flight in the old ARR zones, this went away for a bit (no point in having a jump puzzle if you can just fly to the top of it). Now they’ve got the tech to prevent mounts in a certain area, and that made the tower relevant again.

This year, there’s no requirement to jump the tower unless you want to. After you reach the mid-way point, you can slide down to the “reward” platform where you can now take explosive pictures against the backdrop that pops up there from time to time.

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Power Rangers or (more recently) Kamen Rider – in fact, I only know of Kamen Rider because I know folks on social media who enjoy it – I’m seeing a lot of excitement around the event for those who are fans. And that’s just fine with me.

The one rub spot for this event is when it comes to replayability for alts. Since I have so many characters, and I want to get them ALL the event rewards, I always look at the event in terms of how easy it is to do a second… third… fourth… fifth… and so on… time.

This one was not so good in that area. Unskippable story cutscenes really draw out the event on alts. I am slowly making my way through it on each, but I have to put on a YouTube video to get through it because so much time is spent watching characters nod and interact while you wait for your next option to choose.

First or second time through, it’s completely fine, though! It’s really on me that I have so many characters I want to push through it!

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