Breyer Horses – My Second Traditional Conga

Posted on August 28, 2023 by Aywren

Unlike my first traditional conga, which I wrote about here, my second conga came about almost completely by accident. Again, the definition of a Breyer conga is to have three model horses on the same mold, so that when they are lined up next to each other, there’s an appearance of a “conga line.”

I think the Ashquar mold does the conga idea well! Just look at them!

Interestingly, I didn’t really want to collect this mold when I first saw it. While I love Arabians, this strange high-step pose didn’t appeal to me. It’s since grown on me, however, now that I have several horses on this mold.

The only reason I started this conga was because this year’s Halloween horse, Spectre, was on this mold. I’ve made a choice to collect Halloween and Christmas horses going forward (some of the past Halloween horses are VERY expensive to get now days). So, regardless of what the Halloween horse would have looked like, I would have preordered it. And I did, months ago.

Then came Breyerfest 2023, in which I took a chance and bought a blind grab bag. In hindsight, I wouldn’t do this again because I was only mildly happy with what I got from it. Rheverence+, which was a Breyerfest 2021 limited edition, was one of the horses I got in this grab bag. Note that these grab bags usually contain the special horses that were left over from previous Breyerfests, so I wonder if, in general, the Ashquar mold isn’t a favorite.

When I first saw this horse and this mold I wasn’t excited. However, after I unboxed him and put him on my mantel, I started to become more fond. When I went to document him in my spreadsheet, I realized at that moment that Rheverence+ was on the same mold at Spetre (whom I preordered and would not receive for several more months).

That meant I was one horse shy of a conga on this mold!

So, of course, I had to do some research to see if I could get a third at a decent price. I headed to the mold page on Identify Your Breyer, and searched for horses that might be retired, but were not special runs – this way, I could start the conga at a lower price (hopefully).

Two horses stood out to me that could fit that bill:

  • Empres++++// - who was retired in 2019
  • Thunder – The Denver Broncos Mascot, retired in 2020

As you can see on the page, the rest are limited in some sort of way, and would be harder and more expensive to find (though I keep Ebay searches open).

Since Thunder was retired later than Empres, I was finding him for a bit cheaper. I also loved the idea of a pearly white Aarabian. So, I honed in on him, and after a few weeks of price watching, picked him up from Ebay.

Once I got him in person, I found him absolutely stunning! The pearly white with the dark muzzle just… yeah, it brings out the best in the mold. I was very happy with him.

When my Spectre preorder arrived last week, I was finally able to put my conga together! Quite excited, and will continue to look to snag more horses on this mold in the future! 

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