FFXIV: Entering Endwalker Again – The Alt Struggle

Posted on November 27, 2023 by Aywren

Yesterday, I finally pushed through the end of Shadowbringers on Ben, and entered Endwalker with him. This will be the sixth character that I’ve progressed through this part of the game, and I’m really, really feeling it.

Yes, this is totally on me for running yet another alt through content I’ve done before. I actually have two more characters at the start of Shadowbringers waiting their turns, but I’m finding it harder to push through than I ever have.

I usually don’t mind running alts, especially now that dungeon content can be cleared with Trusts. And, believe me, I am super grateful the option for Trusts exists. So, I look back on this and ask myself what’s the deal?

About the only way I was able to hang in there and press through was to either load up an audiobook (which is good for my audiobook progress) or to turn on a YouTube video on the second monitor to half listen while I’m skipping quest texts and waiting for the Trusts to slooooowly burn through this older content.

Don’t get me wrong, the first time through, Shadowbringers was a great story and a great expansion. I still rate it as the highest bit of content in the game. I’m also not the kind of player who knows this dungeon content inside and out (it’s been so long since I’ve done them, I did struggle with some mechanics). But I’m still finding going back through old dungeons a slog. Almost… boring.

Why is it I’m struggling with my favorite MMO like I never have before?

Is this burnout? Though, I have to say, I only moderately play as it is, mostly doing daily crafting turn-ins.

Is this just the case of running an alt through the same stuff too many times? I mean, FFXIV is repetitive in nature, given most people just queue up for repeats of dungeons and raids they’ve already done for roulette every day. Why is this any different?

I don’t think I’m completely falling out of love with FFXIV right now, but I am much more drawn to other games lately. I also don’t think it’s just FFXIV, as I’m struggling to put time into Baldur’s Gate 3, too.

I’ve been gravitating towards more chill and mindless games as of late. Things that don’t take a lot of skill or mind-power to get through.

People talk about not “having spoons” in day-to-day life. Lately, I just feel like I am lacking spoons for my gaming interests. It’s hard to invest myself in something that takes what feels like too much effort, and the only way I can painlessly make progress is by distracting myself with videos or audiobooks on the side.

Have you ever been in a gaming rut like this? I’m going to guess I’m not the only one.

If so, what did you do to shake yourself out?

I’m not particularly fond of not having the attention and energy to give to games that I honestly would like to be motivated to play more. Instead, I get sidetracked by more causal stuff (which I’ll talk about next time).

Should I just follow my gaming desires and play what’s fun for me?

Or should I keep pushing forward, even if a little bit, at making progress and hope I break through? I do have all of Endwalker ahead of me on Ben, after all, and I do want to finish it so that he’s not behind an expansion yet again when Dawntrail drops!

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