July 2023 Archives

FFXIV: Dawntrail Trailer

Posted on July 28

After the first day of the NA Fanfest, we’re left with a trailer, a lot of hopes, and a lot of questions.

WordPress Jetpack Social Paid Plans

Posted on July 21

Apparently, as your WordPress posts get shared to social media platforms, you have a limited numbers of shares per month.

Blaugust 2023 is on the Horizon!

Posted on July 17

For bloggers new and old – or bloggers who haven’t even written their first word yet – the blogiverse celebrates the act of blogging and sharing the joy of blogging every August with an online event called Blaugust.

Heading to Breyerfest 2023 (Online)

Posted on July 13

Earlier this year, I decided to get into collecting Breyer horses as a hobby. I’m still learning about the culture around the community that collects these horses. One thing I did discover is that every July, they come together for something known as Breyerfest.

Breyer Introduction – Walter Farley’s Black Stallion #401

Posted on July 7

Last month, I told the story of how I saw a model of the Black Stallion when I was a teen, and that experience stuck with me, encouraging me to begin collection Breyer horses now that I’m older. However, I only expected to collect one Black Stallion.

BDO: Third Time’s the Dream Horse

Posted on July 4

The time has come – I have finally obtained the Arduanatt (Pegasus) dream horse in Black Desert Online!

No Gaming Goals – Embracing the Don’t Care Summer

Posted on July 1

You know what? I’ve decided to throw gaming goals to the wind this summer. This summer, I’m going to be like Turnip Boy (whom I’ve discussed just doesn’t give a care) and do what I want, when I want (when it comes to gaming), and see if this mindset brings back some joy.