FFXIV: The Mogpendium and Moogle Treasure Trove

Posted on February 26, 2024 by Aywren

While the newest Mogtome event has been underway for a few weeks, there’s still a little time to jump in and make some progress. From my understanding, once this part of the event ends, a second part will begin – probably with new tomes and new rewards.

There wasn’t a whole lot I wanted from this event in terms of rewards, but that’s okay. I know some folks are still working on the mounts and things you normally get from crafting in the Firmament. What I did want to talk about was the newest addition to how it all works – the Mogpendium.

Instead of just running Praetorium over and over (because it gives the most tomes) or getting a BLU group together to cheese a low-level dungeon, there are now non-battle ways to get your mogtomes. This includes ocean fishing, Triple Triad, GATES in the Gold Saucer, and more.

To find out what’s giving the rewards – some of these change weekly! – you have to first pick up the Mogpendium.

You can find this item by talking to an Itinerant Moogle in any of the three starter cities. These are the same moogles you go to turn in your tomes for rewards, and are generally located near the city’s main Aetheryte.

Once you do that, you’ll be given an item you can view at any time from your Collection section. This is where things like your Bozja Field Records, Aether Compass, and Archive live. You can get to it by going to the Duty menu, then clicking Collection. I dragged and dropped mine to a hot key so I could access it more quickly.

From there, you can get a good look at the best ways of earning tomes based on the week. There’s also Minimog and Ultimog challenges – the ocean fishing Ultimog challenge drops you 50 tomes for finishing and earning a certain number of points, for example. However, you can only do the Ultimog challenge once per event.

Overall, I’m very happy with these changes! Especially including ocean fishing as one of the better paying events to take part in.

The thing about ocean fishing is that it’s timed, and you can only hop in once every two hours. But at 5 tomes a run, clocking in at a fixed time, it’s not too bad just to jump on the boat a few times a day to get 10 tomes. I did also earn a few of the missing achievements for ocean fishing due to this, and it’s sparked a possible interest in filling out my fishing log.

I’m just hoping they keep the fishing aspect around for the next event. As I noted, there weren’t many things I wanted in terms of rewards, so I’d like to put this new system through the paces while chasing a mount or something I really do want.

Have you spent time with the newest version of the Moogle Tome event? If so, how do you like the new Mogpendium system?

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