No Man’s Sky: Omega Community Expedition

Posted on March 6, 2024 by Aywren

With the newest patch, Omega, No Man’s Sky also released Community Expedition 12. The Expedition started on Feb 15, and will run for 5 weeks – so you probably still have time to get in there and get it done if you haven’t already. It took Syn and I a chunk of a weekend to get all the milestones completed, so it’s still very do-able at this point.

And yes, I do highly recommend doing this expedition because the rewards are quite good. Not only do you get some nice backpack and helmet cosmetics, but also an Atlas Staff (which is nice if you didn’t get a staff multi-tool before), and a Starborn Runner ship, which looks unlike any other ship I’ve seen in the game so far with its hovering design.

Overall, I felt this expedition was a little easier in terms of what the milestones required, and the amount of hand-holding information most of the milestones gave the player. This might have been because they opened up the game to everyone – free to play – for two weekends in a row during the expedition. It’s certainly a good move to get new players in, and returning players to come back.

There are some changes to how this expedition works. For one, instead of needing to create a brand new save for it, you can now take your existing Traveler into the expedition. To do this, talk to the NPC at the new Expedition Terminal. This is located on the Anomaly, just to the left of the Quicksilver Trader.

You can choose to bring items to the expedition with you, including a multi-tool and ship. Just know that when you get to the expedition, you’ll have to pay nanites at this same terminal to retrieve the ship and multi-tool.

Also know that once you get in the expedition, there’s no going back to your original save until you’ve ended the expedition and transferred back using the terminal again. When you transfer back, you will take all your rewards, quicksilver and currency, on top of other rewards you earned based on what you did during the expedition.

That being said, a few folks noted that there were issues with their saves in doing this. I didn’t hear this a lot, nor did I experience this myself, but if you have a main save you’ve put lots of hours into, you might want to back up your No Man’s Sky save folder before transferring, and again before transferring back, just to be on the safe side.

Overall, I really did like the ability to get all my expedition rewards on my main save, rather than just starting yet another throw-away save I’ll probably never play again (I have a bunch of these). I think this is an excellent idea, and while I’m sure there are bugs to iron out, it seemed to work well for most folks.

The one thing that was a bummer was waiting around for the optional community milestones to finish. While the idea was good in general, if you moved your main save to the expedition and wanted to complete everything (as I did), then you had to sit around for another week waiting for the Phase 5 optional milestone to finally finish.

This is all done with now, so anyone new going in won’t run across this. But at the time, it was slightly annoying – and yes, I did my part scanning as much as I could on the final rendezvous planet. I understand what this was trying to encourage, but it really did end up being a waiting game where I just checked Reddit every day to see if it was complete so I could finally transfer back.

Aside from that, a nice expedition with some nice rewards. Worth checking out while it’s still running!

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