OSRS: A Weekend in RuneScape

Posted on March 26, 2024 by Aywren

When I last left off in my RuneScape journey, I discussed some of my minor frustrations and stumbling blocks as a new player working my way into the new world of Old School RuneScape. I also talked about some of the wins and discoveries I made that helped make up for it all.

For some reason, despite the small frustrations I found, I keep coming back to try different things in RuneScape. However, though there are lots of skills I want to dabble it, it almost always feels like there’s a long laundry list of things to do before I can even start.

I try not to let that get to me, however, and tell myself it’s just me being a long-term MMO player getting ahead of myself in a new game. Often, the guides that you find for OSRS are detailing the best and fastest way for players who are already somewhat established in the game. I’m not that, so I’m having to find work arounds even for the beginner guides.

The Waterfall Quest

One of the biggest things I accomplished this past weekend was completing the Waterfall Quest. As I noted before, I was struggling just to get to that area of the map to even begin the quest.

Using the Games Necklace I bought from the Grand Exchange (GE), I was warped to a small location just north of where I needed to be. But I also found myself roped off from the rest of the area. One thing about RuneScape I’ve found is that it makes use of barriers like fences and terrain to rope locations off and make them harder to get to.

Thankfully, in starting the Waterfall Quest, the path of the quest quickly took me into the area I was originally trying to get to. Namely, because I wanted to go to the Gnome Agility Course. More on that later.

This was a pretty intense quest which did have me running past enemies that could do quite a bit of damage. Quest guides all tell you to bring healing foods and to avoid battle if you don’t have the levels to do it.

Everything went off without a hitch – the in-game quest guide plug-in is amazing for walking you through what you need. As much as I tout being an old school player, having to do long multi-step quest lines like this and figure them out without any guidance is just mind-numbing to think about.

In the end, I got quite the reward. My attack and strength skills both went up to 31! Not only that, but I made some major money selling the flower I got from the seeds this quest gave me. I’m no longer a complete poor.

Training Agility

Before I finished up this quest, however, I took some time to level my Agility skill. This helps you regain stamina faster, and was something I really wanted to start on. Guides I’ve read point players to the Gnome Agility course first, though it is so very far away from the starter location.

After that, however, training on rooftops take place in cities much closer to home. So, the idea was for me to get in the first 20 or so levels there.

I must have had really good luck, because while I read there’s a chance of falling and hurting yourself, I didn’t actually see this until I was into my 20s and was on a different course. It is rather redundant as you’re mostly just clicking on green squares to move through the courses – which often have fun animations like walking ropes or riding a zip line.

I pushed through this for a while, before taking a break for other things. Namely, fishing… where I learned about the Fishing Trawler community event. But I will save that discovery for another day.

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