Nintendo Switch – My Final Fantasy Console

Posted on March 27, 2024 by Aywren

It’s somewhat ironic that my Nintendo Switch has become the ultimate Final Fantasy console for me. I remember a time, during the Playstation era, when Nintendo and Square had a falling out. Nintendo systems did not have a Final Fantasy game on them for a good while after that. So, the fact that Switch has almost every mainline title in the series, aside from some of the newer ones, is just a lovely thing to see.

I wrote about how I was buying physical copies of Switch games when I could. Two of the most recent games I picked up in physical format were Final Fantasy X|X2 and Final Fantasy XII. FFXII is a game I’ve never owned nor played before on any system, but it’s heavily represented in FFXIV. So, I’m quite interested in seeing what it’s about.

I do own FFX (but not X2) on Playstation 2, but never completed it.

Once I added those two games to my library, I realized all I was missing was FFVII and FFVIII to round the collection out. Thankfully, Square/Enix was having a big title-wide sale at the time. Both of those games were something like 60% off, so I snagged them. With the points I’d worked up from some of my physical game purchases, I was able to buy FFVII for only $1.13!

However… only after the fact did I learn that FFVII and FFVIII were released in physical format as a twin pack and was pretty cheap on Amazon (I had no idea). So, I did the thing and double dipped for physical copies of FFVII – FFIX just because I’m nuts and wanted the physical copies.

So, yes. Thanks to the gifted copy of the Pixel Remasters from my birthday last year giving me most of the series on my Switch, I now have the majority of Final Fantasy main titles all on one system.

Now, I don’t own all of the other major titles yet, though I do have Chrono Cross, a Mana Collection, Tactics Ogre and that sort of thing. But I do have them on my wish list, so maybe one day I’ll have everything complete!

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