Finding Unexpected Treasure from an Ebay Auction

Posted on March 28 2024 by Aywren

I’ve been talking about buying physical media for both Switch games and CDs lately, and I have a new story to share of my adventures. I previously mentioned the band, Celtus, which is one of my favorites from years ago. I’d not be surprised if you’ve not heard of them as their last album released in 2001, and they are no longer a band (sadly).

So, I’ve been picking up their physical CDs because these are somewhat harder to find and more expensive due the rarity. The latest CD that I purchased was their final album, What Goes Around.

I picked this up for a little over $11 on Ebay, and it was shipped from a UK seller. It seems like most copies of Celtus CDs you do find (there are still a few) come from overseas, which makes sense. They were an Irish band.

So, the CD arrived, and I do as I always do – open up the case and check to see if the disc is the correct title and if it doesn’t have flaws or scratches. This disk was in very nice condition, but that’s not what caught my eye.

It was what was on the back of the CD booklet.

I couldn’t believe my eyes… it appeared to be SIGNED by ALL three members of the band!

Had I just got an autographed copy of a rare-ish CD from a band that no longer exists for almost nothing on Ebay? I went back to the auction description and saw nothing about this being a signed copy in the details.

At first, I wondered if this was real. I mean, maybe it was part of the back of the booklet’s design?

I ran my fingers over the pen lines, trying to determine if it felt like there was an indentation in the paper. It did feel that way, but only faintly.

I noted that there were two different color pens used here, and the signatures were vertical and not really conducive to fitting in to the rest of the booklet’s design. If these signatures were supposed to be there during a cover print, I’d think they would have been more neatly arranged.

I went on a hunt to see if I could find pictures of the booklet art somewhere else online. My logic was, if other copies of this CD did not have the signatures on the back of the booklet, I would know this was not part of the original print.

It’s not easy to find info for this particular CD. But finally going back to auctions on Ebay – which now often only use a boilerplate images for media – I found one that had actual photos of another copy of the CD, including the inside of the booklet.

Borrowed image from another Ebay auction.

No signatures.

It looks like mine might be the real deal! Very much unexpected with this treasure!

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