Uke Monthly Progress – March 2024

Posted on March 31, 2024 by Aywren

While I have been consistently practicing for all of March, my progress has been much slower than I would have liked it to be. I’m thinking for April, I might add in a song to practice from another source – I have lots of other books I could pull from.

EEI has me bogged down with the B Flat chord. The chord I talked about so much last month, I’m still struggling to play this month. I’m doing better, yes. It’s not almost completely impossible feeling to make a semi-consistent sound for this chord like it was when I first started.

However, playing it at tempo in the song the book has provided has still not been possible. I can’t switch between F and B Flat fast enough, even with daily practice moving between the two chords. I haven’t given up because, as I said, I am seeing progress. It might take another month, though. I wince to write this, though I know it to be true.

I did move on to the song after You Are My Sunshine so that I could at least get some other practice in. Jamaica Farewell added another new chord, which isn’t all that hard. It’s mostly the strumming pattern that throws me with this tune. After a few weeks of working on it, I play it mostly fine, but not well enough that I feel like I can move on to something new.

That’s why I’m considering another uke book I can practice from on the side. I’m thinking I might pull from Ukulele for Dummies – yes, I have a digital download of that book and all the content from a Humble Bundle. But we’ll see. It would be nice to play something new, but I don’t want to leave behind what I’ve been working on, either.

One way or another, I hope that by next month, I’ll have more progress to share. See you then!