FFXIV: Event-Packed Schedule Incoming!

Posted on April 19, 2024 by Aywren

During the last Live Letter, we got a look at what was going to help pass the time between now and Dawntrail in FFXIV. Turns out, there’s a full schedule of events on the calendar!

Some of these are return events, which is great for those who missed the event before, or never fully completed it. For me, that would be the Yo-Kai Watch event. I focused most of my time on just getting the minions on different alts, but never finished getting all the weapons on my main.

This time around, I’d like to work on the weapons and maybe finish up the event mounts for good on her.

That being said, here’s the calendar of what we have to look forward to between now and then!

  • FFXIV / FFXVI Crossover - Ends on May 8
  • Yo-kai Watch – April 24 – June 26
  • Moogle Tome Event Pt. 2 – May 14 – June 24
  • Make It Rain – May 15 – May 31
  • Dragon Quest X Crossover – June 5 – June 20

In the midst of that, is also the media tour from May 16 – June 14.

Then, we’ll get a 48 hour maintenance until the servers open for Early Access Dawntrail. That’s a good balance between old events and new to bide our time until the expansion!

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