FFXIV: Yo-kai Event Craze - Round Three

Posted on April 25, 2024 by Aywren

Though this is the third time I’ve played the Yo-kai event, this is the first time I’ve decided to finish up my weapons collection. Previously, I only collected the minions to unlock the first mount. There’s also a new framer’s kit that you can get for collecting all the minions this time around. It costs 20K MGP at the Yo-kai NPC in the Gold Saucer.

Because I went to claim the framer’s kit, I realized that over the past 2 Yo-kai events, I collected all of the minions (including the new ones) on 8 different characters on my account. Yes, you read that right. All 8 of my Mateus characters now have the framer’s kit that indicates I spent a crazy amount of time gathering minions for each of them.

No wonder I never got but three of the weapons on main. So, my goal this time is to finish up the weapon collection on Wrenbun.

Last night, I set out following this spreadsheet guide in attempt to get as many weapons finished as I could on the first day. This was variable because while FATEs die fast, thanks to Blue Mages, they sometimes die SO fast that you can’t do enough damage to get credit for gold.

When I noticed that happening, I just moved to another zone to farm FATEs. Thankfully, most weapons have at least three different locations you can choose from. Some are considered better than others, but if the BLU start disregarding the other players, there are options. You can also consider jumping servers and datacenters to other locations to see if you can get better runs elsewhere.

Thankfully, though I had to act fast on my Bard (I chose for quick AOE damage), I didn’t need to go as far as switching servers. For the most part, BLUs were respectful when folks requested they stop with the Missiles. I often saw them mass-freeze groups or pull groups to bunch them up, while allowing the rest of the FATE-goers time to do damage instead of insta-killing.

I figure that this will pass fairly soon, once the BLUs get what they need. So, I’m trying to ride the wave early and get all of the weapons I can while things are still fairly active.

Last night, I put a few hours in, and walked away with 4 new weapons in total. While I do have to earn 10 medals for each weapon (at this point), and it’s RNG based on whether you earn gold on the FATE, I didn’t find the drop rate too terrible. If I remember right, they may have even boosted the drop rate the last time the event came out. It’s been a while, but I think that’s what happened.

Anyhow, I’m going to be working on this in the evenings until I finish up the weapons (I’ve got 10 more to go), which will unlock two more crazy mounts for my main.

Are you already done with the event from the past go-rounds, or do you still have things to earn?

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