Uke Monthly Progress – April 2024

Posted on April 30, 2024 by Aywren

Hard to believe another month has rolled by. While I’ve maintained consistent practice, I’ve sadly not made a lot of forward progress on anything new.

In my last progress report, I noted that I wanted to pull a new song into the practice, and was going to look at my Ukes for Dummies book because I’ve not tried anything from that before. I quickly found the tune Wayfaring Stranger, which I was somewhat familiar with, and chose that as my new tune for April.

I learned it fairly quickly since the strum pattern is easy and slow in tempo, and most of the chords I already knew. So, this wasn’t a challenge for me, but rather a comfy song to add to the practice list.

Aside from that, I’m still working on B Flat. I know, this is the third progress report where I’ve talked about it. I’m okay at strumming it for the most part, but I’m still not fast enough in switching to it to play it in tunes. To my credit, I also haven’t drilled it a whole lot, so it’s hard to tell if more practice would be the key to this.

I haven’t moved on in EEI somewhat due to B Flat, continuing to play Jamaica Farewell. I play this fairly comfortably at this point, so I really do think that come May, it’s time to finally step it up and move on to the next page of my EEI book.

The one good thing about these long-term practices, though, is I do play these tunes comfortably - not flawlessly or perfect every time, though. I just want to keep learning and adding new things to my understanding.

Let’s see what May brings!