April 2024 Archives

FFXIV: Yo-kai Event Craze - Round Three

Posted on April 25

Though this is the third time I’ve played the Yo-kai event, this is the first time I’ve decided to finish up my weapons collection. Previously, I only collected the minions to unlock the first mount. There’s also a new framer’s kit that you can get for collecting all the minions this time around. It costs 20K MGP at the Yo-kai NPC in the Gold Saucer.

Steam Gaming: Enjoying Palworld

Posted on April 22

I picked up Palworld back in late January, and have put over 100 hours into it, but just have not gotten around to writing about it. Syn joined me in my Palworld journey pretty early on, and we’ve built up a nice series of bases, our characters leveling up to somewhere mid-40s back in March.

FFXIV: Event-Packed Schedule Incoming!

Posted on April 19

During the last Live Letter, we got a look at what was going to help pass the time between now and Dawntrail in FFXIV. Turns out, there’s a full schedule of events on the calendar!

FFXIV: The Final Fantasy XVI Crossover Event

Posted on April 18

Seeing that Yoshi-P is the director of both games, it was only a matter of time before we got a crossover event with FFXVI. While it’s been going on for a few weeks now, you still have a little under three weeks to get it done if you haven’t already.

FFXIV: Dawntrail PC Benchmark Release

Posted on April 15

Yesterday was a big day in the FFXIV community because the official Dawntrail PC Benchmark dropped. Why is this such big news? Let’s get into it!

Steam Gaming: Smalland – Survive the Wilds

Posted on April 10

Smalland is a survival fantasy adventure game where you play as a tiny race (think fairy or brownie) trying to survive in a wilderness land. We picked up Smalland back in January, and have put about 22 hours into it before it came out of early access.

Black Desert Online: They Replaced my Old Horse (And I Didn’t Want Them To)

Posted on April 2

I heard some interesting news about upcoming changes to BDO’s life skill changes (they’re moving to make everything family-wide now), which prompted me to update the game and log in. I haven’t had any interest in BDO since they gave away the free Dream Horse back in December, and I got the last horse for my collection.