February 2024 Archives

FFXIV: The Mogpendium and Moogle Treasure Trove

Posted on February 26

While the newest Mogtome event has been underway for a few weeks, there’s still a little time to jump in and make some progress. From my understanding, once this part of the event ends, a second part will begin – probably with new tomes and new rewards.

My (Mostly) Retro Stereo Setup

Posted on February 23

About a year ago, I talked about how I discovered all of the old mixtapes I created in my childhood and teen years stashed at my Mom’s house, and brought them home triumphantly. I also started to make a little Mixtape Archive section of this site to showcase what is on some of those tapes (I need to put up more of these pages).

Steam Next Fest - February 2024

Posted on February 13

While Next Fest is packing it up for this month, I wanted to share some of the demos I tried, since a number of them still seem to be active! I didn’t download too many of them, and most of what I did were on the cozy gaming side of things.

Accidental Analogue

Posted on February 10

February has been a somewhat quiet month for this blog, especially after having posted so much last month. This was not something I meant to do, but rather something that happened due to me accidentally stumbling into another format of writing – journaling by hand.