FFXIV: Event-Packed Schedule Incoming!

Posted on April 19

During the last Live Letter, we got a look at what was going to help pass the time between now and Dawntrail in FFXIV. Turns out, there’s a full schedule of events on the calendar!

FFXIV: The Final Fantasy XVI Crossover Event

Posted on April 18

Seeing that Yoshi-P is the director of both games, it was only a matter of time before we got a crossover event with FFXVI. While it’s been going on for a few weeks now, you still have a little under three weeks to get it done if you haven’t already.

FFXIV: Dawntrail PC Benchmark Release

Posted on April 15

Yesterday was a big day in the FFXIV community because the official Dawntrail PC Benchmark dropped. Why is this such big news? Let’s get into it!

Steam Gaming: Smalland – Survive the Wilds

Posted on April 10

Smalland is a survival fantasy adventure game where you play as a tiny race (think fairy or brownie) trying to survive in a wilderness land. We picked up Smalland back in January, and have put about 22 hours into it before it came out of early access.

Black Desert Online: They Replaced my Old Horse (And I Didn’t Want Them To)

Posted on April 2

I heard some interesting news about upcoming changes to BDO’s life skill changes (they’re moving to make everything family-wide now), which prompted me to update the game and log in. I haven’t had any interest in BDO since they gave away the free Dream Horse back in December, and I got the last horse for my collection.