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FFXIV: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No… It’s a… Flying Elephant Mount!

Last night, I ranked up with the Ananta Beast Tribe, which opened up new rewards for me to purchase. I knew the flying elephant mount was a thing, so not much surprise there, but still a lot of fun to rumble around on this thing.

The description notes that it flies due to the magic carpet on its back, not because of its ears, btw. I suppose that’s legit enough.

I had fun romping around in the housing neighborhood, pretending to get stuck in things…

Warping to my house while riding the elephant greeted me with this sight…
He’s not really stuck, but it’s fun to pretend…
Where do you wash your elephant? In the hot spring, of course! 

I still have one more rank up to go, which I believe will unlock the True Griffon mount at the end. For those who didn’t get the CE Heavensward edition griffon, this is a welcome thing.

In the meantime, I’ve leveled my Paladin from 64 to over halfway through 68 on Beast Tribe quests alone since patch 4.2 dropped. It’s slow, for sure, but a safe way to level a tank for someone who is shy to tank like me.

I’ve also been leveling my Samurai through Alliance Roulettes, and am slowly working on pulling another job to level 60. I need to get with leveling my other lower jobs through Squad runs again. I just haven’t had the time to juggle all of these things at once!

I think I might concentrate on leveling the Ninja next, seeing it’s the last of my DPS that’s under level 50, and I have a stash of gear waiting for it once I get it leveled!

Leveling Progress – Feb 2018
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FFXIV: Drops, Gear & Glamour

Last night was a rather eventful night as the FC pounded through all of the Sigmascape battles. We scrounged for drops, took a few new people through V1 and V2, and I had a pretty successful night all in all.

Ready to fight a train!

I was happy to finally get a second lens, which earned me a headpiece upgrade. I’d come very close to getting it last week, but I rolled a 98 on it and someone rolled a 99! This week, I rolled the 99, and BOOM!

I also gathered up enough tomes to buy my first piece of Mendacity gear — I’m a little behind because I didn’t cap first week, but oh well. Not to mention I came out of the Kefka fight with the minion drop this week – woot!

New Caster Robes & Kefka Minion!

I wasn’t a fan of the bulky style robes on my small character, so I decided to start looking at glamour for my Red Mage, finally. Here’s what I put together:


Messing around in the Reach between raids, I pulled out my Valentine’s half-heart chair mount just for fun. Amoon and I actually ran the instance a few more times last night in order to get both halves of the mount.

I went AFK for a moment and came back to a random stranger completing my other half. 🙂


And on top of all that, I discovered when I checked my retainers this morning that I’d finally sold those Hingan walls I crafted last week. That was a nice, solid chunk of gil, helping me recoup everything I spent on my new house.


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FFXIV: Soul of the Carpenter

What does an elephant (mount) have to do with woodworking? Absolutely nothing. I just thought that was a neat shot from the newest Beast Tribe quests, and didn’t have anything better to head up this post! 🙂

Carpenter Life

After finishing yesterday’s post, I had convinced myself that switching to the Carpenter specialty was something I really wanted to do. So, I went and purchased Carpenter Mastery Book V, and still had enough scrips left over to pick up a Soul of the Crafter to make the switch. It was easy to choose which crafting job to drop.


Back when I first chose Goldsmith as a specialty, I was thinking this was the job to be to craft accessories. Then, it turned out that it was Carpenter who made accessories for crafters and gatherers. I was put out, but didn’t want to spend the scrips to make the switch.

I’ve just been having so much fun crafting things for the house, on top of the fact the accessories I need remain in the Carpenter’s range, that I decided this was the time to make the change. I’m happy for it… now I just need to level my Carpenter and get that geared up!

Last night, I sat down and powered through my Carpenter job quests. I still hadn’t finished the last one from Heavensward (that’s probably true for most of my crafting jobs).

While I loathed crafting job quests up until level 60, I adore the direction they took them in Stormblood. Taking a hint from the Moogle crafting quests, they no longer force you to struggle to scrape together all the materials to make a high quality item for a turn-in. Usually, I just bought it off the market board to save myself the pain.

Instead, they request a special job quest item (you can’t buy on the market board), and provide you the material to make it. If you fail to make the item, you don’t lose the material. It’s so much better.

Not to mention, the experience and skills they give you is really worth stopping to do the new quests. Previously, I’d skip all the crafting job quests and come back to them later because they just weren’t worth it.

Finishing my job quests last night pushed me to level 67 Carpenter! If I’m diligent, I can probably hit level 70 by the end of the week.

Botanist Progress

Meanwhile, I’ve also been focusing on getting gathering scrips from the weekly turn-in. First, I upgraded the axe I bought from last week…

I’m quite proud of this!

Then, I had enough left over to start to buy some of the other Yellow Scrip gear. Now, in the past, I’ve never done this because I’m not keen on toting around 3 sets of gear for 3 gathering jobs. At this point, however, I have a bit of room in my inventory, thanks to the Glamour Commode, so I decided to go for it.


This was just with minimal effort — I haven’t farmed scrips or anything at all. I should be able to finish up the chest and hat next week, and maybe upgrade something else. We’ll see!

Understanding the Collectable Rotation

Most of this is in part thanks to me finally making sense of the gatherer’s collectable rotation. I’ve struggled with this since collectables were a thing, and never quite understood what I was doing wrong.

Here’s the rotation I’ve been using this week, and now that I get it, I can reliably gather the quality of collectables I need!

collectable rotataion
Source credit here.

All guides I’ve read for rotations have always said “Use Impulsive Appraisal, and if Discerning Eye procs, do this….” And that was my problem.

When things proc in battle, usually the skill on your bar lights up, letting you know. Therefore, I associate the word “proc” with a lit-up skill on my bar.

Discerning Eye is a skill on my bar. I was waiting for it to light up. It never did.

That’s because, in this case, you actually get a Discerning Eye BUFF on your buff bar. This is what was meant by “proc.” All this time, I’ve been waiting to see a skill light up on my bar, and never knew I should have actually been looking for a buff! 😥

By chance, last night, I happened to glance up and see the buff while gathering. Suddenly, it all fell in place, and I figured out that one little thing I’ve been missing. Just like that, I’ve been able to consistently gather quality level collectables.


I probably should have watched a video instead. That would have cleared it all up. Oh well.

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FFXIV: Decorating and Gathering Progress

Last week, I had several things on my mind in FFXIV:

  • I was broke
  • I wanted to decorate my house
  • I wanted to level my crafters

With a combination of gardening and timely crafting, I’ve been able to take my gil reserves from 200K to 2 million over the weekend. This probably isn’t a lot to big-time crafters, but for me, it’s an accomplishment!

I’ve not really tried to make gil in FFXIV. The gil I had before this was from selling just whatever retainers brought back to me, drops from treasure hunts, and the occasional materia. This weekend, however, I targeted and crafted for specific markets for the first time.

For example, this week’s Glamour Report was lucrative because people were buying up Flat Caps and Dalamud Red dye. This was great early Friday, until the market dropped on it.

I did fairly well in the contest, myself, considering I didn’t have the optimal shirt:


I don’t think I’ll be saying the same this week, though!

Decorating my house has come along slow but steady. I learned how to use the shelf-placement glitch and got my aquarium placed. I reeled in some of the new aquarium fish (which also sell well) and started working on one end of my front room. It’s far from being done.

I also purchased new housing NPCs, leaning towards a more oriental style. Except for where that just wasn’t available.

One of these things is not like the others…

Instead of working on crafting (though I’m amassing material for leve grinding), I actually turned my attention towards gathering this weekend. I have no idea why.

Okay, yes I do.

I really love the look of the Imitation Oblong Window, so I decided to check out how to craft it. I’m far from actually being able to do this… though I’m thinking more and more about switching to a carpenter specialty crafter at this point.

Anyhow, I noted that most of the materials needed were fairly easy to get, except for the Torreya logs. I did some research on how to get them, and saw it was locked behind a Botanical Fokelore book.

I realized I had a bunch of Fokelore tokens taking up room in my inventory from back when I used to work on such things. I also realized I had a bunch of Red Scrips sitting there unused.

So, I pooled everything I had together, and got off my lazy tail to do last week’s delivery quests. I used to enjoy doing these a lot back during the end of Heavensward. I have no idea why I didn’t keep up with it, or open the new set with M’naago until now.

Bad me!

I did those, and had enough scrips to get the Fokelore book! Awesome! I could harvest Torreya logs! Those sell fairly well on my server, too.

That’s when I noticed I also had a number of Yellow Scrips. So, investigating what I could do with those, I saw that I could upgrade my gathering tools/gear. I went out and harvested the collectable I needed for this task, and got myself a shiny new botany axe!


My botany gear is in bad need of an upgrade, but I’m encouraged by the fact that it was pretty painless to obtain this, and will maybe work on a further upgrade this week.

Now I’m having all sorts of thoughts on rearranging my crafter focus on my main, and things I can possibly do if I leveled crafters on my alts! There’s just not enough time in the day for all this!


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7D2D: Welcome to 1313 Elm Street, Milton

The Posse has been back at playing a new 7D2D map, using a fantastic seed we found named “Milton.” Try it. You’ll like it.

Just like any game with building and housing, that’s where I spend most of my time during the zombie apocalypse. I get made (gentle) fun of for being addicted to painting and decorating our house-base. But, hey, if we have to live in a place, I want it to look nice!

It doesn’t help that painting is quite audible to everyone nearby, often compared by other players as the sound of a cat lapping up milk.

We named the new place “Elm Street” due to the fact that Xaa had fun lining the approaching road with huge trees on either side.

This play through, we tried something a little different. Instead of swiping a forgehouse somewhere outside a town, we snagged the outtermost house on the edge of a suburb. I usually don’t like to build so close to a town since it might cause more zombie spawns, but I haven’t really seen a difference.

I put up the normal fortifications outside, and built a roof-garden by modifying a garage across the street. This has served us well.


We managed to find a working chemistry station in a nearby Poppin’ Pills, and I’ve taken advantage of that to paint the base. Sadly, many of the paint textures are dirty and grimy, but I’ve done the best I could to make it look nice.

The living room / work room:


The kitchen:


Landing at the top of the stairs:


An office space:


Later, I dumped the old chair pictured up there, and put nicer wood chairs instead. I don’t dare put a swivel chair in there, though, cuz it’d be immediately raided and broken down for parts. 😀

But, just because things look nice on the inside doesn’t mean everything is safe. Oh, no!

Our base is fortified outside with concrete and steel!

This zombie dog looked particularly vicious in the position it died on the spikes:


Our night 21 horde was quite a ride, too!


A couple days later, Xaa had this fellow follow him all the way home. Props to Xaa for sending me this cool shot:

Feral Radiated Spider Zombie: Not something you see every day!

I don’t know what it is about 7D2D that has made it one of the longest-played games in my Steam library. It’s got a similar appeal to something like Minecraft (which inspired it), but only more gritty, with FPS and tower defense elements mixed in.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is so many things to do, and that playing it as a group, everyone can find something they enjoy. I love to build, some people love to mine, some love to explore and loot. Some like fighting zombies.

The game keeps getting better, too. We’re all really looking forward to the new vehicles releasing with the next big patch!

Granted, releases take their time to reach us. But we can be patient for the good things to come.

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FFXVI: Life in Shirogane

Only in a MMO would you water float in full armor.


Yesterday I talked about how I moved my personal estate in FFXIV from a mountain view in the Goblet to beach-side property in Shirogane. I also mentioned that I was still working on the aesthetics of the place, and had picked up crafting again in order to save money and make some of this on my own.

Last night, between Expert Roulette and Sigmascape runs, I was able to gather for and craft the Hingan Stone Fence. I had a hunch that I’d like it better than the more ornate fence I chose originally. I was right.


The fence is more low key, and I really like the cloud patterns etched into the stone. I put the Nanpu style roof back on the house – I liked the curves and the hanging ornaments better than the other design. As long as it’s not paired with the Nanpu fence, it doesn’t come off as loud.

Then, I found a less saturated, more neutral blue to dye it all. I was happy to discover that the Hingan hot spring and the oriental deck furniture allowed me to dye the roof to a matching color, too!

In the hot spring

We’ve spent some time exploring Shirogane since I’ve moved there. There’s just so many little places to find in that zone, including a jump puzzle on the lighthouse-rock in the ocean! There’s also places to relax and chill if you are into gatherings and RP.

Chilling at the beach

As much as I did like my old home in the Goblet, and there were neat places to find in that zone, too, I’m quickly growing to love my new house in Shirogane. There’s still a number of open small lots right now, including the one across the street from me. I think Amoon has verbally considered getting it for himself, though housing still isn’t open to purchase for new individuals.

I just hope whoever does move in there will put time into making their house a pleasant location to view from across the street!


In other news, I’m fully back on the leveling crafting bandwagon again. I’ve been super lazy with all of it. I was very lucky I’d spam-leveled my carpenter back when my FC was making the castle walls for our FC house… otherwise, I’d not have been able to do half of what I did to make things for my own house.

I still have a LOT I want to make. While I did purchase the hot springs and the oriental deck, I want to take time to craft some of my own indoors decor. That means I need to buckle down and work on leveling again.

The state of some of my crafting jobs that I leveled through Moogle quests, like Armorer and Blacksmith, was abysmal. I mean things like still using a level 51 tool on a level 60 crafter. Or missing the side-arm tool completely (how did that happen?). I upgraded them when I discovered this, but I still have a long way to go to get my crafting where it should be!

Lazy crafter is lazy