FFXIV: Dawntrail Launch Trailer

Posted on June 14

With Dawntrail’s early access release just two weeks away, the official story launch trailer dropped during the newest Live Letter.

FFXIV: A Benchmark Reborn

Posted on June 7

Every FFXIV expansion has a standalone benchmark program that you can download for PC. The practical purpose of this benchmark is to see how well your PC will run the game given new requirements and graphical updates. It usually gives a look at some of the locations, new job skills and gear, creatures you’ll battle, and it has a built-in character creator where you can get the first look at new races if they are being released.

FFXIV: More Savage Mounts – My Revenge on Alexander

Posted on June 5

After successfully making the run for the Skyslipper mount from Eden Savage, Syn and I decided to try our hands at farming the two mounts from Alexander Savage 4 and 12. Turns out that two level 90s can clear most everything in Alex unsynced without breaking a sweat.

Backing Up Your 123 Guestbook as HTML

Posted on May 29

This post is for fellow Neocities folks, as I know a number of us use the free 123 Guestbook service. This service is shutting down come July 1, and going into read-only mode in a few days.

FFXIV: Skyslipper Story – A Lesson in Community

Posted on May 28

Despite having played FFXIV for over 10 years, one area of content I’ve never dabbled in is the Savage raids. This is mostly because I’m not much of a raider in any capacity – to me, raiding has always just been a blocker between me and seeing the story, to be totally honest.