Gaming News Burnout and the Importance of Bloggers

Posted on May 24

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a general feeling of burnout with bigger gaming news sites. This has given me a stronger appreciation for bloggers and the role they fill when it comes to community and connecting with other gamers.

7D2D is Finally Releasing to 1.0!

Posted on May 23

It’s not a secret that our Posse has played the heck out of 7 Days to Die (7D2D), and it remains the game that played the most on my Steam account. My earliest blog post about 7D2D was back in July of 2014, after we picked this up during a Steam sale. While we haven’t played a whole lot recently, over the past 10 years, we’ve put more time into this game than we could have ever guessed we would!

LOTRO Players: I Need Advice!

Posted on May 22

I’m thinking about casually poking around LOTRO again on my minstrel character. To be honest, I really don’t know where to start or how to approach the game after all this time… so if you have advice to give, I’d love to hear it!

AFK Journey – Season 2 Begins

Posted on May 21

AFK Journey has been anything but the idle game I expected it to be based on its name. After putting many hours over the past 40+ days into it, it’s far more of a fantasy RPG gacha game with a full explorable world, story, and cast of characters I’ve come to enjoy.

Adventures in Enshrouded

Posted on May 20

Our latest survival building adventure game has been Enshrouded. We’ve put over 70 hours into it, despite being early access, and actually hit the current level cap of 25 over this past weekend.