Genetic Creativity

So today I spat a ton of my DNA in this little plastic tube, sealed it up and will mail it off to 23andMe tomorrow. Doesn’t sound pretty, I know. But that’s apparently how they run DNA testing.

Not that I know a whole lot about DNA testing — it was my birthday present from Syn (when it was on mega-sale for DNA day). She got her own DNA tested earlier this year and found some really interesting things about her history, ancestry and her genetic make-up. She says there’s even a gene that tells you how creative you are in a genetic sense. Very cool!

It’s a curiosity to think that people can be born with a creative gene. It makes me ponder if there are different kinds of creative genes — genes for those who love to write as compared to those who love to draw, make music, design crafts or build things with their hands. Or if it’s all a certain gene-type that says “Yo, you’re creative! BAM!” and then your upbringing and environment helps to guide you toward what sort of creativity you have.

Just curious ramblings! I’ll have to do some research to find out. Or maybe some bio-wonder could drop a line and tell me how it works!

Either way, my spit is in the mail tomorrow. Yummy!