First Post and Welcome

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s move along.

Welcome to my first post! It’s not the first time I’ve written a blog, but I decided for this go-round, we were going to start it from scratch. While it’s far easier to launch a blog that’s already got imported content from previous iterations, I decided I wanted to try something different this time.

From Writer’s Blog to Reader’s Blog

It was about a week ago when I decided to put together a new writer’s blog on a different domain. I had a lot of doubts about launching it, though. This was mostly because I’ve been struggling through a case of creative block (which I was trying to overcome by forcing myself to blog), and because I looked around at all the crazy-awesome writing blogs which already exist. Does the world really need another writer spouting off tips on dialogue, character development and plot?

But that’s what writers do, right? Write blogs about writing? Makes sense on the surface, but turns out that’s not really reaching out the audience I want it to reach.

I ran face-first into an article last night that reminded me that I need to be writing to the type of people I hope will be interested in reading my stuff. Folks who would enjoy Wayrift and Dreigiau and all the other projects on the site.

While Sygnus does have its share of writer friends, simply because we have a lot of super creative readers, that’s actually not the only demographic I want to blog for. I mean, I just want to hang out with people who enjoy things that I enjoy — gaming, RPing, geeking out, being creative — all that kind of stuff.

The article provided several blogs written by published writers as an example. While some of them discuss their writing process, most of them talk about their real lives, hobbies and various other things!

A Different Kind of Niche

Years ago, I ran a random-type blog, somewhat like what I’ll imagine this one will be. I talked about art and games and music and writing and all sorts of things. It was pretty fun.

However, the more I learned about blogging, the more I had it drilled into me that a blogger had to find a niche and stick with a specific topic to be a good blogger. For years, I’ve struggled with the question “What’s my niche?” Every time I want to blog, that question looms large over me. Because, you know, to be a good blogger, you should have one.

But me? I enjoy so many geeky things! It’s hard for me to stay on track with just one topic. I end up running out of ideas and stressing about what to write next. That’s why I tend to just give up and roll along on my Tumblr where I can write about everything that I enjoy without annoying people too much.

These professional writers, though, blew right through this niche expectation. They blog like Tumblrs in their random topic way, just more… well… professionally. Apparently, it’s the right thing for a writer/creator to be doing! Throwing niche out the window.

I guess I was doing it right way back then all along.

Double Trouble

Another reason I’m making this shift is because Syn has expressed interest in blogging this year. I hope she will! I want to give her the platform to do it on when she finally does.

Everyone poke her for me. Let’s get her writing and being creative this year!

So now that the gates are wide open, what kind of topics do you want to hear us write about? I’ve got some things planned, but I’m always open for new things.