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EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures: Death to Plants Edition

EverQuestNextLandmark64-2014-02-02-12-56-31-63The last two patches on EverQuest Next Landmark have brought about a lot of great changes. Small changes, but great ones. I wanted to touch on some of the patch notes goodies to continue chronicling the evolution of this game.

I also want to note that the exciting Roadmap has been posted and is full of lots of fantastic ideas! The finished game will certainly not be the game we’re currently playing… and that’s a good thing!

We found and fixed a number of issues that would allow props to spawn on your claim. If you have any left, you should now be able to delete them by using the selection volume and hitting the delete key (they should no longer respawn). This also shouldn’t happen on any newly placed claims moving forward.

Building my house in Landmark

Yes! Take that tree that was spawning right up through my doorway! Finally! Plants, rocks and trees can be moved and no longer spawn on claims. This has kept me from being able to build, so I’m happy to finally start getting work done again. Speaking of building…

Add 12 new materials to use when building! Sand, Stucco, Plaster and 9 different Sandstones are now usable in game!

This is very nice! It gives the plentiful materials like stone, dirt and sand some neat new textures to build with. This is especially good because plaster and stucco have the white color that I couldn’t get with marble, but really need for the type of house I’m trying to build.

Fixed an issue with a tree that has been harvested would still be visible for a few seconds after the destruction happened.

This isn’t a huge deal, but it makes chopping trees much nicer. I think they may have fixed the phantom woodchopper bug as well.

Fixed the “white box” issue when dragging items from window to window in the UI.

This always freaked me out when it happened. Glad to see it’s fixed!

Evac To Safety should work reliably now.

Moonrise over the Landmark desert

I haven’t tested this, but without a proper Evac to Safety command, mining deep holes was a real pain. It forced folks to have to have a grappling hook (which I do). Hope this is working now.

Adjust lighting so that it is consistent between islands and more consistent as the day progresses.

I know this sounds like a small thing, but it was really, really annoying when the screen would flicker from light to dark to light when you panned around during certain times, like sunset or sunrise. The game couldn’t figure out if it wanted the lighting to be bright or dark and it made it tough to mine!

  • We have increased the availability of a Sapphire, Ruby, Obsidian and Alabaster and also made sure that they will spawn more often on the surface to make them easier to find. Happy hunting!
  • Aquamarine and Iron/Aquamarine veins no longer appear on Tier 3 islands, please look for them on Tier 2 islands from now on.
  • Fixed the color of rubies and sapphires in the world!

So much win here! In fact, we even have a Valentines Day poem from player to devs, and then from devs to players for the last fix. [Source]

A Landmark Valentines Poem

With these bugs stomped, and the roadmap posted, it seems like the team is putting on their gloves to get the REAL stuff started. Now that the important foundations, such as claims, worlds and materials are all sorted out, they can finally get around to introducing new stuff, which I’m very excited to see. I’ll keep you up to date on the newest cool stuff as it comes!


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