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EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures: Marketplace and New Tweak Tool


Slowly, the clock is ticking and EverQuest Next Landmark alpha is moving ever closer to becoming closed beta. Whispers are, probably March 31-ish. We’ll see what happens though!

The newest update pushed a number of large features that I want to touch on, all important in their own way.

Claim Permissions and Friend’s List

You can now add people to your friend’s list, or block people who annoy you. This is just the first layer of a more complex social system, though.

Landmark now allows you to set permissions on your claim! This means you choose who can interact with props and ultimately, who can build alongside you on your claim. It’s time to see some collaborations! 🙂

In-Game Trading Post

EverQuest Next Landmark Trading Post

We all knew it was coming, might as well be sooner rather than later. The SC marketplace was unveiled last night, containing several different types of outfits and some resource packs.

While I didn’t see a preview feature (and didn’t buy anything since I couldn’t see what it would look like on my avatar before I purchased it), I did see a place where you could recommend an item if you liked it. This is certainly in place for the future, where players will be able to sell and recommend their own creations.

Devs have confirmed anything purchased in alpha will be returned to you even when servers are wiped. This includes resource packs.

 Tweak Mode

The first iteration of Tweak Mode is here! This allows you to place a prop, a pasted volume, a template or just your normal creation tool, situate it just right, then click a check mark to confirm before changes go into effect. Soooo much better than having to undo things over and over again until you got it just right!

There are some new paintings in game, so I decided to test it out in my house. 🙂

EverQuest Next Landmark Tweak Mode

Other Changes

There’s a number of other changes I didn’t touch on:

  • Inventory overflow
  • Changes to gathering wood — tree types give different types of wood, it takes less wood to create planks
  • An Alchemy Crafting Station for advanced crafting
  • New ax progression (to go along with the wood changes)

All in all, the basics are starting to shape up!



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