My Forecast for H1Z1: Cautiously Optimistic

Let me start off by saying, I’m a fan of the zombie genre, when it’s done right. I’ve been a follower of Walking Dead for years (comics, show, TellTale Games), and tend to go out of my way to mess around with horror games when I hear good things about them.

That being said, I won’t touch the survival games, such as DayZ and Rust. Not after some of the videos I’ve watch. Those are enough to make me lose a little faith in humanity. To me, they are brutal gank-fests that encourage mindless slaughter and bring out the worst in gamers.

So, when I first heard SOE’s surprise announcement about their new zombie survival game, H1Z1, I instantly wrote it off as yet another place for trolls to congregate online. However, after sleeping on it, reading over Smed’s letter, and reading the comments, I’ve changed my outlook on this game to be cautiously optimistic.

What Changed My Mind?

Aside from it being a F2P sandbox?

I read a number of quotes that caught my attention in the letter and made me pause. Here’s to hoping my interpretation is thinking in the right direction.

We are starting with what I would call “Middle America” – an “anywhere and everywhere” town. The world is massive as you’ve come to expect from our games. Over time we will grow the world until we have our own version of the U.S. after the death and destruction brought on during the H1Z1 epidemic. It will be our own version of America. We’ll have urban cities and desolate wide open places. All connected seamlessly.

Hmm… okay. That sounds pretty cool. I wonder if I could raid my hometown?

First off, it’s a persistent MMO that can hold thousands of players on servers we host (yes there will be multiple servers with very different rule sets).

You have my attention now. Different rule sets? As in a PvE server? I’d be totally on board with trying this out if I didn’t have to worry about getting ganked by bloodthirsty players constantly. I’m really not into playing a game where you literally fear every stranger you meet. But… a building server or PvE server, yes.

To use a simple reference I’m sure everyone interested in this game will get… we want our players to ake Woodbury from The Walking Dead if they want to. Or take over a prison.

Haha… nice use of Walking Dead references. I’m sure that got the point across. I betcha someone builds Terminus. |:D

Our goal here is to provide emergent gameplay that will allow our players to make the world their own the way they want to. One of the best things about H1Z1 being an MMO is the fact that with a lot of people playing, we’re able to see all different kinds of gameplay. If you prefer a quiet life as a farmer raising crops… we’re going to make sure your zombie apocalypse fantasy is complete.

Again, another hint that there may be safe servers or a way to play this game without a gankfest ruleset. Yes, please?

I might even be up for a game that has PVP, but entices people to help each other to survive rather kill on sight. Maybe. Just depends on how it goes. I think it’s time to watch this game’s Reddit.