What FFXIV Gives to Softcore Gamers: Chocobo Companions

Chocobos are one of Final Fantasy’s iconic creatures, beloved for being mounts and companions within games throughout the FF series. In Final Fantasy XIV, this legacy continues as you can earn your own chocobo mount at level 20. This, of course, makes travelling much faster and easier.

You’re Not Alone

While there are a number of other cosmetic mounts you can earn once you unlock the chocobo mount, your first chocobo is special. It’s the only mount that you can train as a companion at level 30. And I do mean train, as in the chocobo fights with you, levels with you and even learns skills from trees!

This means that as long as you have a stash of greens in your inventory, even when you’re soloing around on a casual night, you never have to fight those battles alone. Choose to make your chocobo DPS, tank or healer — whatever compliments your character’s solo needs, and you’ll always have a party of two to get the job done. With the wonderful 2.2 update, you can now ride your chocobo even when you have him summoned as a battle companion, making it super convenient to level and party with him!

For me, the healing chocobo is invaluable. There’s so much content that I’d have a whole lot more trouble doing without the chocobo regen and cures. I love the idea of checking in on my chocobo’s levels, even though it’s far slower than my own leveling. The only issue I have with this system right now is that there’s no refund on chocobo skill points if you decide you need to change them (which I need on my main character).

Chocobo Customization

Your companion is also fairly customizable. Not only do you choose his skill set, but you name him (and can rename him). FFXIV also awards different types of barding, some as holiday themed rewards, allowing you to dress him up in a style to match your character. Once you reach rank 10 with your chocobo, you can also earn special barding styles.

Overall, this system gives players a leveling companion that supports a chosen playstyle and helps soloists and casual players along in leveling open world content. Of course, the chocobo is totally optional, but I personally don’t know what I’d do without mine!

Zuri and her chocobo, Namingway.