Checking in with Landmark Closed Beta


It’s been a while since I’ve written about Landmark Closed Beta, mostly because the game has been slowly tweaking small stuff up until now. This week, however, the first phase of oceans and water saw the light of day. Now, rather than all maps being a square, the islands are truly islands surrounded by oceans. Water isn’t interactable yet — no swimming. In fact, water is treated like a regular surface, which you can walk on. This will change eventually, of course. But for now, we’re treated to the lovely view of lapping waves against the shore.

This was enough to inspire me to pick up my claim and move to the beach. I found a lovely little cove near the mountains, and have been working on a beach house design. I love how the beach has sand, shells and starfish as decoration. These are now props, too, so you can add more if you like.

Speaking of props, it’s been a while since I’ve seriously built anything in Landmark. So returning, I found a ton of great new props to use, including glass windows. Glass isn’t a building material (sadly), but work well enough when you insert it into your existing builds. ¬†Also, Landmark has tweaked the field of view by allowing players to zoom out super far. Quite helpful for those large builds!

I’m still awaiting the upcoming release of caves for more in-depth exploration. There will be a claim wipe based on the forum announcement, so be ready to scramble for your claim if you have one that you really like. Or, you can do what I did and move to the ocean!


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