Sims 4 is on the Horizon – Here’s a Video to Prove It!



I was first introduced to The Sims back in my early college years, when I was working at EB Games. A co-worker started going on and on about this great new game, the idea of a household simulation instantly taking my interest. I’d played Sim City and such before, so I knew Maxis put out good games. I wasted no time in bringing this one home and now, several game generations and all expansion packs later (I don’t do stuff packs), I can still pop in a Sims game and have fun.

The Sims 4 is on the horizon. We’ve been getting trickles of information here and there, though the launch date was pushed back to fall of 2014. Every time they release a new version of The Sims, it’s hard to think of things that could improve above and beyond the current version (aside from faster load times).

The newest video, highlighting Sim creation, shows a lot of promise.

The scuplty-type creation tools are very nice, and remind me a a far more advanced version of Spore’s tools. It’s nice to dump the sliders and be able to interact directly with a Sim to shape them the way you want.

I also took note of the small look at house building at the end. I know that it’s been confirmed that you can pick up and move whole rooms in Sims 4, with all the items included. This was a feature I saw back in Sims Social. And while that game no longer exists, I thought it was an excellent feature, and I’m happy Sims 4 will pick it up.

I’m keeping my eye on the news and developments for this game. In the meantime… I’ve just got an itch to pick up Sims 3 for a while.


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