FFXIV: Free Company Housing Get

After working so hard on my relic quest for Zuri, I’ve slowed down a good bit in FFXIV. I do my beastman dailies, and the occasional dungeon or Brayflox run for myth. I ensure I get my ventures checked and do my challenge logs weekly. I’ve been leveling Paladin as a second job on Tai. But I haven’t been breaking my neck to get it all done, and it’s been fun.

One thing I haven’t talked a lot about here is our Free Company, Knights of Memory («Guard») on Midgardsormr. Syn and I have migrated FCs a few times looking for something that would be a good fit for our more casual playstyles.  We ended up meeting this group by accident, and I’ve been pretty pleased. We were there for the guild’s founding, nearly a month ago, have worked to get the guild to Rank 7, helped with the housing fund, and have finally achieved the purchase of a small FC house last night.

Let me tell you, this is no little thing for a group of players who are (for the most part) fairly newish to the game in a FC that is also fairly newish. The cost of FC housing in FFXIV is pretty insane, even for the smallest plots — ours cost us nearly 2 million gil.

It seems that so much emphasis is placed on the initial cost of the plots (since they’re so expensive), that it’s easy to overlook the additional (somewhat hidden) cost of the house building permit itself — another half a million gil! It’s a sad FC that buys the plot only to discover they need to fork over even more just to put the house on it! 🙁

While I like our house, am proud of our accomplishment, and think there’s lots we can do with it, for the price paid, I feel like it’s a tad too small. I can’t imagine what it was like before they granted a basement to the small houses, and they were only one room! IMHO, they should add an upper story as well, and all would be good.

I’m somewhat on the fence about what I feel about FC housing in FFXIV. I’m all for putting a goal out there for your FC to reach for. Making housing a group effort, which was fairly obtainable for us, is a good thing. We also value it greatly due to the time and effort that went into reaching the rank and obtaining the gil to buy it.

On the other hand. Dang. That thing is expensive! 

I sure hope that personal housing is a bit more reasonable.

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