Final Fantasy XIV E3 Excitement: Rogue/Ninja, Chocobos & Personal Housing

ffxive3While the big new class reveal happened on the opening day at E3, I wanted to wait until today to write a post about it because I knew more information would be released. While some folks are most concerned with the news of new Crystal Tower, Frontlines, the marriage system (including same sex and interracial marriage) and primal fights, my interest is in other areas — Chocobo Raising, Personal Housing and the new Rogue/Ninja class.

Chocobo Raising

Sadly, we didn’t get a whole lot of information about Chocobo raising. I did find a few details from the interview at Massively:

The current system that we have for release will be about your current companion with a focus on powering up and raising that chocobo companion, giving him different types of food and raising him, and changing his behavior in certain ways. In the future, maybe [we’ll] offer some different types of options. We’re going to have the Gold Saucer, and maybe there are going to be some events with chocobos and gold saucers, and players are going to need certain things… and that’s all we can say about that right now. We’ll just leave you with that.

Aw, comeon, Yoshida. You know you meant chocobo racing. What’s the Golden Saucer without chocobo racing?

Anyhow, this sounds like a neat system for those who love their chocobo companion (like I do). I just hope they’ll allow us to reset our attribute points so I can fix the hybrid mess I made on Zuri’s chocobo.

Oh, wait. More information just dropped (I posted too soon):

  • By setting up a stable in your free company garden, you’ll be able to take care of and train your chocobo.
  • There will be a way to break the rank cap in the chocobo raising system. By doing this, you’ll be able to surpass rank 10. By increasing your companion’s rank, you’ll be able to increase the number of points for acquiring skills, so with this, you’ll be able to acquire all of the skills.
  • This is an expansion to housing content so if you do not have a house you will not be able to participate in it. In the future we are planning to add certain features you can utilize from the chocobo porters in each of the three city-states.
  • Since this is for companions, just one for now. We are planning to expand content in phases, and in the future when the Gold*ahem* and the Chocobo*ahem* are implemented, you’ll be able to raise more. (I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!)
  •  We’ll be implementing a feature in patch 2.35 where your chocobos will be able to ‘re-grow’ their features and that’s when they’ll be able to change their feathers. It should be possible to change to all the different colors of dyes that are available. (WOOT!  Blue chocobo!!)

Personal Housing

While this probably doesn’t hold a candle to WildStar’s housing, at least it’s a place for me to stash all those housing items my retainer keeps dropping on me from ventures! They still haven’t finalized the cost, but they’re tossing around the number 300K gil. I couldn’t understand the Japanese in the video, so I can’t confirm.

The first personal housing will be a room you can purchase that is attached to your FC house. Seems the room will be a bit larger than the first floor of the small FC house – maybe the size of our inn room, perhaps. You can place any type of housing item there, as well as craft there if you wish. The size of the room and number of rooms available will be the same, no matter the size of the FC house.

New Rogue/Ninja Class

This reminds me of someone I've seen before... hmmm... :)
This reminds me of someone I’ve seen before… hmmm… 🙂

Many people were waiting on this announcement, so there were lots of happy folks who will be jumping on the Ninja bandwagon. Me included. While I leveled Dragoon for Tai, the class doesn’t fully match his style or what I was hoping for with melee DPS. I’m hesitant to hope that Ninja might.

It seems like a faster-paced, combo-dealing mystic arts type DD. It’s confirmed that Ninja won’t be as annoyingly positional as Monk, but that it will be “unique.” You know how that goes — unique classes can be awesome… or they can fall terribly flat from being built around a gimmick that doesn’t play or scale well. So, while I’m happy about this announcement, I hope the class plays well, and will try it out before judging it my new main for Tai.

Rogue characters are always hit and miss for me. Sometimes, depending on how they are designed, they’re wonderful. I love my EQ2 Swashie, and it will forever be my favorite class. Most the time, I just die quick and horrible deaths — such as my GW2 Thief. Ugh… I just suck at it.

Can’t deny that it LOOKS like it’ll be fun though…

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