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Guild Wars 2: Season 2 Thoughts and Annoyances

I know what you’re thinking. Every time I post something about Guild Wars 2, I’m always grouchy and annoyed. That’s because they keep giving me reasons to be!

A few weeks back, GW2 announced their plans for the Living Story Journal. I really like this idea! There, that’s one nice thing to say in this post.

It seems a good balance between pushing content at the pace they’re trying to while not forcing people to rush to play it. It gives the ability for this content to be permanent, for story-lovers to do their story and achievement-lovers to do their achievements without stepping on each other’s toes. Overall, it sounded like a good development, and I almost… almost posted a hopeful post about the future of GW2, but didn’t get around to writing it for whatever reason.

Then, today, the announcement of of Gates of Maguuma was released. Yes! Info on season two, which is launching a week from today! So I rush to view the video and what do I get?


Oh, yes. Lovely Zephyr Sanctum, one of my favorite places in the game. Peaceful music… Peaceful Cantha-teasing residents…


But then, my internal warning sensors went off. Since when did Anet show us a pretty, peaceful scene in one of these trailers without…


Yeah… that. Blowing it up, Michael Bay style.




Until nothing’s left but a smoking pile of what was once another favorite place in this game. Here’s to hoping that it was only one ship and not all of them. I could deal with that a bit more.

Still, for what? To try to motivate me to be angry at whatever enemy did this? Really… what’s the point to all this? It’s like GW2 is trying to be Game of Thrones, except it constantly destroys heart-felt places and cultures rather than slaughtering characters right and left.

Did it rile me up? Well, I’m posting this here, so I’m feeling something. But rather than going “Whoa! Flames! Death! Destruction! Let’s take out the bad guy who did this!”… I’m feeling resent towards the writers who are stringing me along. Pretty soon, I’m going to stop investing myself in the lore, culture and places of this game because they keep trying to use the things I like against me, just to earn cheap ire at whatever enemies they’re cooking up.

They’ve already done it with Lion’s Arch, and I was annoyed about it then. While some of the scenario (maybe for the first week) was interesting and fun to farm, I look at the rubble of the city, and I feel like it just wasn’t worth it. I don’t think that’s the reaction ANet is trying to get, but it’s what they’re earning from me — I know I can’t be alone in that feeling.

So, while opening the Maguuma gates — which should have been what this story focuses on… they have a dragon to write about for light’s sake! — is a cool and exciting prospect, all this needless destruction has really put a damper on it for me.

All I’ll have to say is, I’ll play it. I’ll try to keep an open mind, like I did with the destruction of Lion’s Arch. They better have a really, really good reason for what they’re doing, though. I mean they better blow me away with a good, solid plot, and not just blow up places for no other reason than to call attention to their enemies and make them feel intimidating. I think I’d be much more accepting of this if I felt like everything leading up to it was worth it story-wise.

Full video here:


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11 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Season 2 Thoughts and Annoyances

  1. I thought it was a strong opening. Certainly got me fired up – not to wreak revenge on whoever did that to the Zephyrites, because I wouldn’t trust them as far as an Asura could throw one, but because it confirms some of my suspicions.

    Look at those explosions. They aren’t coming from missiles. They’re coming from inside the ships. Taimi tried to analyse the contents of the crates the Zephyrites were loading. She got “curious readings” and wasn’t able to determine the nature of the cargo.

    They’re up to no good and always have been! The thing that would annoy me is if they turn out to be good guys after all…


    1. That would certainly make an interesting turn of events. Though I like the Zephyrites and their concept, not everyone there can be a perfect saint. Riding around with the Sanctum would make good cover for something like that.

      I could deal with plot twists. Seems most people do agree that the explosions seem to be coming from inside.

      Still not thrilled if they take down the entire Sanctum in the same way they did Lion’s Arch. But, if they can craft a good story around it, I’ll retract my thoughts. Can’t help but feel a little grouchy after season 1, though.

      Gonna wait and see.


      1. Since I missed the last update (I suppose I can still check it out now), I looked at the trailer and saw an accident as cause for the crash; engine failure or something.

        This got me hoping for something that’s not ‘zerg the bad guys, kill them all and somehow fix the problem by causing death and destruction left and right’. Instead, I’d hope for something along the lines of either a rescue mission or getting lost in the jungle together with the Zephyrites. Essentially, I’m hoping this update will bring back the exploration element of the game, as I’ve always loved Maguuma’s environment in GW1.

        Of course, I wouldn’t mind the ‘plot twist’ that it was a setup and having to do a bit of detective work either.


        1. I’m totally up for exploring Maguuma and seeing how it’s changed. I heard it’s become much more of a wasteland and less of a jungle, though — hence some of those desert-like visuals in the trailer.

          I guess my biggest fear is it’ll turn out to be another Lion’s Arch. Even this video is set up the exact same way as the Lion’s Arch videos, just minus the Scarlet voice overs. “Lion’s Arch… we know how much you love it. Please look at some of these lovely images of the city. Now… WATCH IT BURN!!” Meh.


        2. I always loved the Jungle-desert contrast that Maguuma had in GW1, so I’d be a bit sad to see that gone. Still, i have mentioned before that giving me new places to explore (meaning more than one festival grounds) could pull me back into the game.

          I agree that GW shouldn’t try to be Game of Thrones. As much as I love the series, its dark, political fantasy is a very different thing from GW’s heroic fantasy. Killing characters left and right for no good purpose didn’t work in Orr, and it’s no different here.

          If Anet must ride the GoT popularity train, let’s hope that at least they learned from GoT that tragic/heroic deaths are supposed to be meaningful.


        3. Yes, exactly this. Between the pointless NPC death in the personal story in Orr (really, what was up with that and how did they drop the ball so badly?), and what felt like pointless look-how-cool-Scarlet-is destruction, I guess I’m feeling jaded and concerned.

          I’m not sure if GW2 is trying to be edgy and “cool” like GoT, but it’s not working. They need to stop trying so hard to one-up themselves (it turns out silly), and just find their own identity. They already have so much history and lore they can pull from, and everyone will be much better off for it.


        4. Plenty of lore and background indeed, but I felt that in the Living story, they maimed, rather than used the lore with all these weird alliances, having little purpose other than ‘we have to provide new enemies for our players’. To me that reeks of the way WoW handled its own lore: ‘Let’s kill off all these beloved characters by turning them into raid bosses one by one!’


  2. There’s that “outlaw/bandit” chap in the Labyrinthine Cliffs walking around, being suspicious and trying to get traders to trade with him or some such.

    Wouldn’t put it past his faction (*cough White Mantle? Or something new tied to Mordremoth? cough*) to blow up the Zephyrites with a couple choice bombs among the supplies loaded onto the ships, or trying to disrupt whatever they have going on with whatever remains of Glint.

    As for why you’re annoyed, well, at least they touched -something- people cared about. One more month of building signposts and that would really have driven a lot more people up the wall.


    1. I’ll only be annoyed if they blow it up just for the hype. I don’t mind destruction with a reason for the sake of good plot. But it’s really gotta have the good plot for it to be justified, IMHO.

      Hoping they’ll impress me this time around.


  3. They should use GW2 in schools to teach kids how to cope with loss. One week you find out how cool something is in GW2. Next week it’s all up in flames.

    Zepherites were always top of my ‘Faction Most Likely to be White Mantle in Disguise’ list. I think I am ready for some White Mantle action; you can only tease for so long before I just give up and hit on some other lass instead.

    Anyway Magumma is my favourite bit so I’ll take some more of that action even if it means wasting a bunch of kites.


    1. The only thing they’re teaching me is to stop investing emotions in their game (which I don’t consider a good thing). The moment you start liking something, they either alter it beyond recognition, nerf it or blow it up.

      Zepherites never really gave me a White Mantle vibe. That being said, introducing White Mantle is a good exchange for blowing up a few kites (just hoping that it’s not all the kites). Mantle would be a very welcome and exciting direction for this story to go. Here’s to hoping.


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