Steam Challenge: Monaco

-Welcome to this series where I resolve to play my Steam games backlog! Here are my discoveries!-

Game: Monaco
Time Played: 1.1 hours

Because I couldn’t choose what game I wanted to play next, I set up a random name generator to choose a game from my list. It chose Monaco!

This was a game that I got as part of a bundle somewhere down the line. I knew nothing about this game before I started playing it, so that’s proof as to the ease at which anyone can just pick it up and play.

What Is It?

Story sequence before the level starts.

At heart, it’s a quirky game of cops and robbers, where you (and your friends) play the robbers. There are several different kinds of criminals that you can choose to play, each with their own special skills. For instance, the Locksmith can unlock doors and vaults faster, the Hacker can plant bugs in electrical outlets, and the Mole can dig through walls.

Each scenario is a segment within the overall story line. You get a short overview of the group discussing the goal for the scenario before you’re sent into the stage. This is completely dialogue between the characters, often amusing and sometimes endearing. I’m a real fan of the Hacker. 🙂

While the story isn’t going to win any literary awards, you get a good idea of each character’s quirks and personalities. It also has fun twists and turns as you add more new characters to the mix along the way.

The game tells you what to watch for.

The game play is pretty simple. You are plunked down in an area with a top-down view. It reminds me somewhat of a maze, with traps, guards, treasures and power-ups you can gather. Depending on the goal of the scenario, you may be there to leave a location (such as breaking out of jail), you may be there to steal something (like a yacht), or you might even be there to free a fellow con-man, who usually joins your crew.

Every step of the way, the team gets further over their heads in trouble, and has to face increasingly difficult traps and enemies. The game does a good job of warning you what to do and pointing you where to go. Everything important is written on the ground. 🙂

The graphics are cute and stylistic, often very colorful as you progress through areas. When one member of the team falls, you choose another to take his place in single player mode, and continue the stage. Sometimes speed is needed, sometimes stealth, sometimes brute force — it’s all up to your playstyle on how you complete your goals. That’s something I like, as I’m not patient enough to sneak around the guards all the time. I like bashing heads, running around and creating amazing chaos, and that game lets me do that to some extent.

There’s a co-op online mode, though I didn’t attempt to play that, because I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s game. I get the feeling the chaos you can cause with your friends could be crazy fun!

This is not the type of game I’d usually play. Despite that, I found it charming,  fun, and something quick to pick up when you want a fast game. I probably won’t play a ton more as I have other games on my mind, but I’m going to leave it installed on my computer because I’m curious about where the story is going to take these poor guys.

If this kind of game appeals to you, you’ll probably have a lot of fun with this one!