FFXIV Launches Free 14 Day Trial

Were you ever curious if FFXIV is the game for you, but don’t want to commit to buying the box? Well, Square/Enix is now providing everyone with a 14 day free trial! You can level up to 20, explore the different classes and crafting, and see if this is the game you want to play.

I really can’t recommend this game highly enough. I’d moved away from sub games in the past, but FFXIV pulled me in and has kept me engaged for many months. I may be taking a short break from it now, but I am still subbed, still logging in to check my friends and FC, and still plan to continue playing when the feeling strikes me. This really is an excellent gaming experience that blends old skool trinity play with a lot of newer, casual concepts.

There are a number of restrictions for those who play the trial, obviously due to the gold sellers who would love to take advantage of such a thing. From the official site:

  • The following in-game restrictions apply during the Free Trial:
    (error messages may appear when attempting to use certain features)
  • [Character Creation Restriction]
    • – Up to eight playable characters, restricted to one playable character per World, can be created with a Free Trial account.
    • – In order to keep playing with the same in-game and character data in the full version, players have ninety (90) days after the Free Trial expires to upgrade to the full retail version of the game.
  • [Level Cap]
    • – Class levels are capped at level 20 for Free Trial characters.
  • [Currency Cap]
    • – Gil (in-game currency) is capped at 20,000 for Free Trial characters.
  • [Chat Restrictions]
    • – The chat options /shout, /yell, and /tell cannot be used by Free Trial characters.
  • [Market Board Restrictions]
    • – The Market Board cannot be used by Free Trial characters.
  • [Trading Restrictions]
    • – Trades cannot be made with or by Free Trial characters.
  • [Moogle Delivery Service Restrictions]
    • – The Moogle Delivery Service cannot be used by Free Trial characters.
  • [Retainer Restrictions]
    • – Retainers cannot be used or hired by Free Trial characters.
  • [Linkshell Restrictions]
    • – Linkshells cannot be created by Free Trial characters.
    • + However, Free Trial characters can join already existing linkshells.
  • [Free Company Restrictions]
    • – Free Trial characters cannot join free companies.
  • [Party Restrictions]
    • – Free Trial users cannot invite other players to their party.
    • – Free Trial users cannot recruit party members via the Party Finder.
    • + However, Free Trial users can be invited to parties and use the Duty Finder feature. (in-game matchmaking system)

    Please note that all of these restrictions will be removed after upgrading to the full version.