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Trying to ArcheAge

My new AA character
My new AA character

So, ArcheAge launched this week for the F2P folks (like me). You may have known that. Here’s where I try to play this game… try being the key word.

What’s My Number?

You’ve probably heard the stories of long, frustrating server queues. They are not an exaggeration. I’m trying to play ArcheAge, but it’s been difficult enough just to get on a server, much less make progress here.

On launch night, I waited in a 2 hour queue… which wasn’t terrible, I suppose. Not good, either. I came home last night to log in, thinking the 2 hour queue would be lessened by the slowing of the first day rush. Nope.

Last night, I faced a 6 hour queue. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a 6 hour queue at any launch… ever. I spent more time doing webcomic art and playing Sims 4 than I did playing AA due to that. And when I did get in, I only had half an hour to play before I needed to hit bed.

6 Hour Queue
This = 6 Hour Queue

I’m not writing this to complain about it (I realize I choose to sit in a 6 hour queue), but more to warn folks… this is the state of the game. And, so far, I’m not seeing any signs that new servers are being released to fix this issue. They did update servers to increase max capacity by 20%. We’ll see how this works tonight.

In fact, the community rep on the forums responded to a player by saying folks with Patron status are only seeing wait times of 60 to 120 mins on the most populous servers at peak time. As if that’s pretty acceptable. And those are the folks who paid to have a faster queue.

When I Could Play…

So I rolled a new character (Aywren) on the Tahyang sever, West faction on Tuesday night. Having a shorter queue then, I was actually able to get some stuff done. I chose Tahyang because I heard that was the unofficial RP server, and I’ve learned that when I don’t roll on the RP sever, I usually regret it later (like in GW2).

Got my horse back!
Got my horse back!

I spent most the time on Tuesday speed-running the content that I finished during beta so that I could get to something new that I hadn’t done. I was able to do this easily, and was level 11 before the first night was done. So, now I’m working through content that’s completely new to me — glad that I held some back for launch.

I also spent a long time agonizing over what skill combinations to play. I knew I wanted to try melee DPS, but wanted something that would work for a solo player. I ended up going with Blighter (hate the name), due to the ability to DPS along with the hope that invisibility will help get me out of tight spots later in the game (such as unwanted PVP). I’m open to tweaking this later, since I don’t know how comfortable I am playing rouge-like characters. For now, I just wanted to end my search for a class… because there are so many choices that it’s maddening.

I also joined a large, growing guild, who seemed to have the same gaming temperament as I do. As a F2P player, I’m hoping I might get to experience farming and such with the help of the guild — I know there’s already guild plots in world for us to use if needed. I also wanted to offer my time and skills to bettering something in the game, and joining a larger guild seems like a good move.

I managed to get my guild invite last night, so now I’m set up for gaming this weekend. Hope that the queues will be kinder and actually give me some time in world to flesh out my experience and help me decide if this is going to be an on-going game for me.


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2 thoughts on “Trying to ArcheAge

  1. As one of the games highly on my wishlist, I’ve been following this launch quite closely, limited by my unability to actually try it for myself.

    From what I’ve heard, quests are the typical MMO ‘kill tem rats’ types, but I’m eager to play around with different class combinations and try out the more sandboxy gameplay, such as the farming you already mentioned, but especially trade and shipping. I’ll look forward to hearing more of your thoguhts on the game.

    As for the queues, have you read this: ?


    1. Yeah, I’ve been keeping up on the situation on the forums… since I can’t log in to do anything else in the game. They need to start applying fixes quickly — people just log out to character select and idle all day, which leaves them logged in and blocks other people from getting on the server.

      While I’m not angry about this (I might be if I had money invested), I’m slowly losing my enthusiasm about the situation. Launch has that special appeal for me, and I haven’t seen but 3-4 hours of play time since Tuesday. I was already so-so about the game (I have plenty others I want to play), so I was looking for something that would hook me into staying. A game I can’t play is not going to hook me. 🙂

      Last night, the queue was just as bad as the night before, and I ended up giving up on it around 10:30 (over five hours of waiting). Just for kicks, I tried to queue up again at that time, and the number jumped to over 3000 in line! Ridiculous! I checked other servers, and they were worse than mine.

      I know fixes are coming, but I’m not sure if anything they do is going to appease the angry players on their forums at this point. It’ll blow over in time, but I hope this doesn’t indicate how they plan on managing the game in the future. Queues happen, but this was extremely poorly planned, especially when they knew there were queues since head launch a week ago, and that would only get much worse when it was released for everyone.

      Gameplay wise, yes the quests are standard fare. The storyline is present, but nothing to write home about. I’m interested in what’s happening, but it’s not gripping.

      I’m interested in the sandboxy elements, but as a F2P player, I can’t own my own land, farm or house (which is important to me). This means I have to hope someone in my guild is generous enough to let me farm there (though my guild has a farming agenda, and I just want to mess around), I farm in the limited public farm area (crowded), or I plant somewhere in the world that’s hidden and hope no one comes up and uproots it.

      At least F2P can own a boat. Though, I heard should your boat get messed up for whatever reason, it’s expensive to fix.

      Part of me does like the UO-ish feel of this game. Part of me wonders if it’s going to be worth the frustration. I want to get the feel of a wide-open living, sandboxy world driven by the players… If I don’t find that here, I doubt I’ll stick around with all the limitations placed on the F2P folks and the looming PvP. Right now, I haven’t seen anything that tempts me to give them money.


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